A Careful and Detailed Inspection of Our Swollen-Headed Child

Huh, we are given life because we are strong enough to live it, though sometimes it gets a lot complicated and is way beyond our understanding.She is called slavia, a lady that is watching her baby dying, and she does not know what to do to save her.

She says that what she has been going through is unbearable.

She never, at any one point, thought that anyone would go through this.

Slavia was abandoned by everyone she knew because of the baby that she gave birth to.

The baby is living with such a head that is swollen.

It has gone through several surgeries, but all this couldn’t save its life before it all happened.

She says that she was happily married.

She lived in the far, far village and she did not have any problems at all until she got pregnant.

Silvia started feeling a lot of pain while she was pregnant.

It was a lot of pain, but since they were poor, they could not afford to go to the hospital for checkups, so they decided to wait until time forgiving birth came.

She rushed to the hospital to give birth, just like any other mother.

When she gave birth, the doctors told her that her baby was not normal at all.

The legs were folded and it had a very big swelling on its back.

Surprisingly, the head was normal and nothing was wrong with it.

The only problem they had was the legs and the swelling on its back.

The swelling was full of water like liquid.

According to what she says, the doctors had to take the baby for immediate surgery.

Unfortunately, the hospital- the way art- was not able to do this, so they were transferred to a much better one where this surgery could be performed.

They went to another hospital, but still the surgery was not carried out, and they were also transferred to a much better hospital.

When they got there, the doctors took the baby for immediate surgery because they said that if it was not performed early enough, the baby was going to die.

So they carried out the surgery and it was successful.

She saw the doctors coming out with her baby and they gave it to her to breastfeed it.

Carrying it was not something easy because the baby had a lot of stitches on its back.

She breastfed the baby, but the back also later became a very serious problem.

The stitches that were put on the baby’s back after the operation got torn.

The wound was wide open and she rushed the baby back to the doctors for treatment.

They said that the baby skin was so soft to add extra stitches so they couldn’t do anything to fix it.

They advised her to buy a lot of sugar and always place it in the wound.

She was supposed to do this each and every day.

She tried to apply the sugar like she was told to.

After some days and weeks they were sent back home.

She kept using the sugar until the wound was fine.

Now she was so happy that her baby was fine, but this did not happen for so long, because days later the head started swirling a lot on the lot while she was watching it.

She had to rush the baby back to the hospital to seek for medical attention.

They examined the baby and the doctor said that during surgery a mistake might have been made and the water that was on the back was now heading to the baby’s head, which was more dangerous and now got her more confused.


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