A Loving Family’s Journey to Save 200 Cubs in Two Decades: Transforming Compassion

 A wonderful, kind, and caring family of animal lovers in 20 years could save 200 cubs

They were glorified thanks to the fact that they came up with the best method.

The Pazhetnov family lives in a remote corner of the Tver region, Russia.

They became famous for many due to the fact that they came up with the best method of salvation and healing of orphaned cubs.

Family members work in the village of Bubonitsa and over the years of work were able to save more than 200 wild cubs.

At the origin of this commitment is the father of the Pazhetnov family. Back in the 70s, he, together with his wife Svetlana, began to withdraw tiny cubs.

Meanwhile, they built a «baby’s house» for animals.

In this family, four biologists have received higher education. This is Valentin Sergeevich and Svetlana Ivanovna, as well as their son Sergey and grandfather Vasily.

Valentin Sergeevich-Working Ecologist of the country, Doctor of Sciences. He has a very rich portfolio, in which there are popular books, scientific works, publications in newspapers, and even fairy tales.

Sergey has a large family: a wife, three children, and more than 200 cubs. Forest inhabitants cause more trouble. Every day, liters of cocktails are prepared for them, and for grown cubs, the porridge is porridge according to the recipe Svetlana Ivanovna.

Bears should not closely get acquainted with people. Otherwise, animals will remember the smell of a person who brought them food.

It is for this reason that Pazhetnov always bears shape during feeding. All members of the Pazhetnov family love cubs, but any contacts with them are minimized.

This is a feature of working with forest animals. If a bearish gets used to a person, then in the wild he will not survive.


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