Adorable twin baby elephants imitate the mother elephant’s every move

The Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Department founded the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, where a lovely female elephant has recently given birth to twin baby elephants. The newborns bear a striking resemblance to their mother and are in good health, a true blessing.

Twin baby elephants mimic their mother's every move

The sanctuary caregivers made it a point to care for the baby elephants and their mother. The little ones were adorable, and their cute gestures fascinated the visitors who visited the orphanage.

The mother and the two siblings lived in an open enclosure with a small pond filled with water. The mother elephant always kept the little ones by her side, which was a natural motherly instinct.

Twin baby elephants mimic their mother's every move

The twin baby elephants grazed on the grass in the enclosure with their mother and enjoyed it on a lovely sunny day. The visitors were quite intrigued by the antics of these adorable creatures, who were still learning to graze.

The mother elephant tried to help her children learn new things and enjoy a sand bath. However, it was hilarious to find the little ones copying their mother’s every move.

Twin baby elephants mimic their mother's every move

The two little ones would drink water if their mother drank water. If the mother stood quietly, they would do the same. The gentle mother elephant even had a few visitors come close to her to take some snaps.

After a while, the two baby elephants played with one another and their kind caregiver. Soon the other herd members joined the three of them, and the elephants went for a bath at the nearby water source.


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