Artem Rogovoi’s artwork: A Blend of Viena Sece.sion Influences and Ukrainian Beauty

Artem Rogovoi (b. 1988) is a Ukrainian artist from Kharkiv (Eastern Ukraine). His paintings, accomplished in the recognizable ɱanner of Klimt (the artist uses gold), combine a modernist approach and native aesthetics (the images of sunflowers, fields, wicker fences with pottery, the stove, embroidered rushnyks (towels), and so on). The female nudity, which appears as the main motif of Rogovoi’s images, is surrounded by intricate patterns similar to those in shunga

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Artem Rogovoi red wall

Fig. 1. Red Wall (

artem rogovoi Pears mosaic

Fig. 2. Pears mosaic, 2016 (

rogovoi Green

Fig. 3. Green gold, 2022 (

artem rogovoi rogovoi Green

Fig. 4.

artem rogovoi Sunflower Sensation

Fig. 5. Sunflower Sensation (

artem rogovoi Sleepy Flower

Fig. 6. Sleepy Flower (

artem rogovoi Prairie Mosaic Fig. 7. Prairie Mosaic (


In 2014, Artem Rogovoi graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts as a specialist in restoring easel and monumental paintings. His primary artistic training Rogovoi received at the Kharkiv Art College, where he later worked as a teacher. The restoration studies allowed the artist to learn different painting techniques, such as yolk tempera, frescoes, and gilding, which, as he admits himself, made him feel free in terms of artistic self-expression. The artist claims that being a perfectionist, he “is constantly dissatisfied with his work and continually tries to improve upon each piece” ( Besides female nudes

Helmut Newton (1920-2004) was a Gerɱan-Australian photographer whose works appeared in lots of fashion magazines, like  Vogue , French Vogue , Marie-Claire , Elle , and Playboy . Newton made numerous nude photographs..

, he also produces still lives and landscapes. His works regularly appear in the Arcadia Contemporary group exhibitions. This year, one of his pieces (fig. 3) is shown at Five And Under exposition, NY. Some of Rogovoi’s paintings can also be seen on The artist has a Patreon account (rogovoiart) where you can support his creation.

artem rogovoi Warm Evening

Fig. 8. Warm Evening (

artem rogovoi The Red Sun

Fig. 9. The Red Sun (

artem rogovoi Poppy DreamFig. 10. Poppy Dream (

artem rogovoi Autumn Touch

Fig. 11. Autumn Touch (

artem rogovoi Beechwood songs

Fig. 12. Beechwood songs (

artem rogovoi Beechwood songs, detail

Fig. 12a. Beechwood songs, detail (

artem rogovoi Autumn Scarf Fig. 13.  Autumn Scarf (


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