As they swim together, a mother otter shields her young pup from the water.

These special moments are meant to make our days brighter, and they’re hard to be matched. Such an adorable sighting shows a mother otter and her tiny pup spending time together. Wildlife photographer, Suzi Eszterhas, caught the pair on camera and the result is nothing short of charming!

Suzi Eszterhas/Solent News

This caring mother otter has found the sweetest way to keep her newborn baby dry. The pair was swimming in Monterey Bay, California, when Eszterhas spotted them. The adorable otter pup seams to be sleeping while its mom is gently carrying it on her belly. This way, the baby won’t get wet.

Suzi Eszterhas/Solent News

Then, the devoted mom blew air into her baby’s fur to help it stay afloat while he searched for food. Eszterhas – a 40-year-old photographer from California, was surprised to see the otters pair getting so close from where she was standing. But thankfully, that have her the fine opportunity to get some lovely snaps with the pair.

Suzi Eszterhas/Solent News

“Most sea otter mothers are quite shy with their babies, but this mother was very habituated to people and she was very relaxed as she lovingly raised her pup in a busy harbor,” Eszterhas told MailOnline. “Sometimes, she swam right up to the dock and left her pup floating on the water’s surface right in front of me while she foraged for food.”

Even though she’s been observing otters for a long time, Eszterhas was so impressed by this moment!

“This [the moment] made me feel like a babysitter,” she said. “It was adorable and it also really showed how vulnerable and trusting wild animals can be!”


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