Cobras fight to death with wild pythons, which one will win?

There were no survivors in this war, as both snakes and pythons perished in different ways.

In the wild, snakes and pythons, although they are two similar species, often clash and have deadly battles.

Rarely has a photograph taken by an unknown photographer become the subject of scientific interest, but that seems to be exactly what is happening with the two reptiles. The world’s most dangerous person is caught up in a life-and-death battle.

This incredible image captured by a passerby shows the python trying to use its stocky body to wrap around the cobra and attempt to squeeze its opponent to death. On the other side, the king cobra opens its mouth wide and sticks its fangs into the enemy’s neck.

The king cobra’s weapon is its deadly venomous bite. This species is famous for biting its prey and injecting poison into the victim with its sharp fangs. In the photo, the king cobra is an animal with a tail that extends towards the top of the photo, and is squeezed by the python at the neck.

Meanwhile, the python (Python reticulatus) is considered the longest reptile in the world but has no venom. In return, they use their strong, muscular bodies to wrap around their prey, severing the circulatory system and causing death by restricting blood flow to vital organs.

In this case, the python showed strength by crushing the cobra’s body.

Shab Mohammadi, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, thinks the python is most likely just defending itself, because the king cobra is often the attacker, even eating other snakes. Meanwhile, brocade pythons usually only hunt mammals and birds.

After being attacked, the python may have tried to escape, but given its slow movement speed, it will have a hard time facing a much faster cobra.

After all, the python did not give up, but chose to fight. Its body is like a noose, forming a trap and killing the cobra, even if it dies from the snake’s venom.

“All pythons use the same tactic in common: They squeeze their prey, and every time the prey comes out, they squeeze harder, making it impossible for the prey to breathe, and eventually,” said Mohammadi . suffocated to death” .


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