Despite an 80% birthmark prevalence, the parents of “Baby Boy Panda” remain steadfast in their decision to keep their newborn son.

Mariam Petrosyan, 26, and Taron Petrosyan, 28, a couple from Yerevan, Armenia, are happily expecting a baby boy. However, when the boy Artyom Petrosyan was born, they discovered that he had a birthmark nevus – 80% of his body is covered with dark, raised, oval patches of skin

Whatever his characteristics or appearance, your child is still yours and is therefore the most precious person in the world. I can see why the parents in this case were taken aback when the physicians told them they may choose to leave their newborn at the hospital if they so desired after giving birth. Thankfully, they didn’t pay attention.

Armenia has been warned by doctors that they don’t know how long Artyom will live due to an increased risk of skin cancer. But both were horrified when the doctors told them they could let him stay if they didn’t think they would be able to care for him at home.

Doctors had never seen nevus like Artyom’s before and they soon realized he also had spina bifida. “It’s all just a blur. They took him in for a 90-minute surgery to correct his spine and it took 5 days of recovery before we could see him properly again.”  “I can still picture them seated next to us. “They also said doctors didn’t know he was going to live. Artyom hasn’t opened his eyes yet, and they told us he probably never will owing to the nevus birthmark in that area,” Mariam added. the length.

My husband called out Artyom’s name and we saw him stir – then I called his name and he opened his eyes.” Artyom’s brothers, Narek, three, and Artur, two, asked Mariam why Artyom was.” put chocolate on their face”. But after learning about their brother’s condition, they did nothing but protect their youngest brother.

Mariam said Artyom received odd looks from time to time, but others deemed him ‘a gift from God. Nevus birthmarks can be removed but they rarely cover 80% of the body as in the case of Artyom. Most people were shocked to see Artyom – some smiled at him. Someone also told me that he is a gift from God.


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