Examining Love: Eugène Reunier’s Drawings of the Passionate Circus

All About Love or Autour de l’amour, as originally entitled, is a portfolio consisting of 27 eгotіс illustrations produced in 1925. The images are accomplished in a manner of the eгotіс satire published in the men’s magazines of that period, like La Vie Parisienne or Fantasio, yet they seem to be far more explicit, though in a humorous and elegant way. The set includes various intercourses of characters resembling the Commedia dell’arte masks. There are also scenes of flagellation and medicine fetish.

drawings Eugène Reunier

Fig. 1.

Eugène Reunier erotic

Fig. 2. livejournal.com

Eugène Reunier Autour de l’amour

Fig. 3.

Eugène Reunier Autour de l’amour portfolio

Fig. 4.

Eugène Reunier All About Love

Fig. 5.

Eugène Reunier All About Love portfolio

Fig. 6.

Eugène Reunier All About Love erotic portfolio

Fig. 7. livejournal.com

Eugène Reunier All About Love erotic art

Fig. 8. livejournal.com

Eugène Reunier All About Love erotic art detail



Eugene Reunier is a pseudonym of a painter and printmaker born as Carl Breuer-Courth. Originating from Germany, he was initially apprenticed as a church artist and restorer and worked in Aachen, Düsseldorf, and Darmstadt. His other mentor was painter and illustrator Johann Vincenz Cissarz who produced murals and commercial graphics in Art Nouveau  style. In 1906, Breuer joined the Stuttgart arts and crafts community and resided there for the rest of his life. The artist manifested his ѕkіɩɩѕ in many wауѕ, for instance, as a children’s books illustrator. Engaged in producing advertisements with sexy fairies of the 1920s, the artist eventually embarked on creating explicit erotica. In the 1930s, he became interested in photography, and the result was the fifteen nudes set, Enthüllte Schõnheit (Incomparable Beauty), in collaboration with August Sieberg and Stuttgart publisher Wilhelm Schöbel.

photograph Incomparable Beauty, 1940

Fig. 9. Incomparable Beauty, 1940 (booklooker.de)

Incomparable Beauty, 1940

Fig. 10. Incomparable Beauty, 1940 (booklooker.de)

eugene phallus planes

Fig. 11. livejournal.com

eugene reunier orgy scene

Fig. 12. honesterotica

eugene reunier erotica

Fig. 13. livejournal.com


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