Selena Gomez needs more sincere words of encouragement. ‘She felt like she needed to leave’: Selena Gomez is feeling ‘reinvigorated’ after being treated for depression and anxiety in an intensive program

Selena Gomez has been feeling “extremely empowered” after completing her anxiety and depression treatments.

The singer, 25, recently participated in a program in New York City for two weeks during which she received therapy, ate a healthy diet, and did Pilates and meditation.

“She felt like she needed to get away and focus on herself with no distractions,” a source told People magazine. She felt so strong when she returned. She wants to return later in the year.
The source said, “She looks and feels fantastic.” She’s delighted to continue working on new tracks. She felt as if she needed this after all the chaos during the holidays.

Popular figure: Selena is one of the more popular stars on social media with 133 million followers on Instagram
And Selena, who was wearing a blue wrap dress with polka dots that nipped in at the waist and flared out into a bold thigh-high split, seemed happy as she went out for the day.

The dress accentuated her toned and tanned legs, and she chose to wear some basic but chic sneakers in the form of white trainers.
The Wolves hitmaker accessorized simply, draping a little Louis Vuitton purse over her shoulder and resting a pair of shades on her neck to reveal a hint of cleavage.

She let her shiny brunette hair loose to accentuate her lovely face after arranging it in a ponytail to complete the ensemble.

The Blast initially revealed the singer’s on-site care in New York City in a post published on Thursday.

Looking after herself: The singer's on-site treatment in NYC was first reported by The Blast in an article on Thursday
According to the September-founded celebrity website, Selena was permitted to come and go as she wanted and kept her phone throughout her medical treatment. She was also authorized to do business in the New York region.
The Come And Get It singer, who intends to return later this year, described the therapy program as “a tune-up,” according to The Blast.

Feeling better: Selena shown earlier in the day, is said to be feeling 'very empowered'
On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Selena was sighted with her on-again lover, 23-year-old Justin Bieber.

As Selena has already said, she is continuously attempting to reimagine herself and feels the urge to ‘grow’ and become more powerful.
‘I’m always looking to improve and ask myself, ‘What can I do better, where can my confidence come from?” she said. ‘As I approach 25, I think I’ll be changing a lot and I’ll like that.

Magic: The Come And Get It singer according to The Blast considered the treatment program as 'a tune-up' and plans to return later this year 
This year, I put a lot of effort into my music, and I can’t wait to finish it. I like to conduct my life in a manner that makes me feel like I’m weightless, even though I know that’s not feasible given how many people are now seeing me.

However, I believe it’s crucial to live your life as you see fit, and I like to approach situations with my best foot forward. Selena said, “That’s all I know how to do; just my best.”

Wrap dress: Selena wore a black wrap dress on Thursday while shopping with a friend after a sushi lunch
Selena, who had previously been diagnosed with lupus, said in September that she had been out of the spotlight after a kidney transplant for a number of months.

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