Superhuman Strength: The Rŋssian Zubr Class Landing Craft in Operation

Zubr is the world’s largest hovercraft of the Russian Navy, capable of carrying 3 main battle tanks or 360 soldiers.

The air-cushioned landing craft is a special combat vehicle capable of traveling over water, mud, sand, and many other terrains.

The Zubr air-cushioned landing craft of Project 1232.2 is a product of the Almaz shipyard. served in the Soviet Navy since 1988.

According to Nava-technology , Zubr is the largest air-cushioned amphibious ship in the world with a full load displacement of 555 tons. Zubr can carry 3 main battle tanks with a total payload of 150 tons.

In addition, Zubr can carry 10 BTR armored personnel carriers or 8 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles. In another transport configuration, the Zubr can carry eight PT-76 amphibious tanks or 360 fully equipped soldiers.

The Zubr air-cushioned landing craft has a very special operating mechanism. It is equipped with 5 gas turbine engines, 2 of which are responsible for creating an air cushion below the bottom of the ship and 3 propelling the ship to move.

When the engine is running, it creates an air cushion that lifts the entire hull above the water. This cushion helps the boat glide on water or other terrain with ease.

The air cushion helps the Zubr lander to glide over the water with a maximum speed of up to 60 knots (108 km/h), a cruise speed of 55 knots (99 km/h), reserve baggage program 480 km.

Zubr is heavily armed with two AK-630 super-fast firing cannons, two 122 or 140 mm unguided rocket launchers. Anti-aircraft weapons include 2 low-range Strela-2 rocket launchers or 4 Strela-3 missile launchers.

According to Global Security , the Russian Navy has two Zubr air-cushioned amphibious ships. Greece has imported four Zubr ships from Russia, making them the only NATO country to own the largest air-cushioned amphibious assault ship in the world.

According to Global Security , China has imported four Bizon-class air-cushioned amphibious ships developed by Ukraine based on the Zubr class that Kiev shares copyright with Russia. 2 built in Ukraine and 2 built in China under license.

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