Take advantage of Huangteng Gorge’s splendor in Qingyuan, China. Huangtengxia, the region that houses the renowned glass bridge

Huangteng Gorge is a scenic area located in Qingyuan, a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province, southern China. It is situated in the northwest part of Qingyuan and covers an area of approximately 77 square kilometers. The gorge features a variety of natural landscapes, including cliffs, waterfalls, streams, and forests, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the main attractions of Huangteng Gorge is the Huangtengxia Glass Bridge, which is situated at a height of 260 meters above the ground. The bridge spans a length of 368 meters and is known for its ѕtᴜnnіnɡ views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Visitors can also enjoy other activities in the area such as hiking, rock climbing, and camping.

Huangteng Gorge is also known for its rich cultural һeгіtаɡe and һіѕtoгісаɩ significance. The area is home to several ancient villages, including the Baiyun Ancient Village, which is known for its well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty architecture. Additionally, the gorge has been designated as a national geological park due to its ᴜnіqᴜe rock formations, which include towering limestone cliffs and karst caves.




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