Ten Joyful Aspects of the Pregnancy Experience: Celebrating the Journey

Pregnancy is one of the most stunning phases of a woman’s life. The sweetest moment for any anticipating mother is the first time she holds her tiny divinity, the beautiful child she will cherish for the rest of her life. However, this is not the only advantageous aspect of pregnancy. Pregnancy is truly wonderful for numerous causes.

Taking Pleasure In The Attention Of RelativesYou will be able to take pleasure in your parents’ anticipation of becoming grandparents. Expect to be regarded like a delicate flower during your parents’ nine-month caretaking duties.

2.You Won’t Have To Do Any Heavy LiftingTechnically, you could still do a little bit, but since most people don’t realize this, you’re free to settle back and project manage any upcoming house transfers.

3.You Will Always Get A SeatWhether you’re on the train, bus, or visiting friends, you will always be offered a seat from hereon out. As soon as your bump is big enough to be a definite pregnancy bump (and not a food baby), you will have people tripping over each other to offer you their seat.

4.You Can Win Every Argument, Because, You Know, You’re PregnantNobody wants to argue with the pregnant woman or make her cry. Irrationality is almost expected from pregnant women, so use this to your advantage.

5.Massages Have Become A Way Of LifeDuring pregnancy, it is suddenly acceptable to spend large amounts of money on regular massages. You’re also totally within your rights to demand daily massages upon your return home from work.6.You Have A-List Hair As Soon As You Drag Yourself Out Of BedLong gone are the days of intensive conditioners, spray in protectors, teasing, blasting, straightening, and setting. These days, your long, luscious hair looks picture perfect from the moment you look in the mirror.

8.You Will Have The Strangest And Most Detailed Dreams Of Your LifeFor some pregnant women, keep a pad and pen by your bedside, and be sure to note down your weird and wonderful dreams when you wake up.9.Feeling Your Baby Kick For The First TimeFeeling your baby kick for the first time is nothing short of amazing, and it will really make the pregnancy feel so much more real. Many new mothers miss feeling their babies kick after they are born, so enjoy each one!

10.You Will Be Taken Care Of Like Never BeforeAll of a sudden, the most important thing to your friends and family will be how you are feeling. Everyone will be bringing you fresh fruit, cooking you healthy lunches and joining you on long walks at the weekends.


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