Tense gazelle Evasio: A Daring Dash Before the Official Hype Meeting (Video)

The antelope rushed into the lake, waited and found an escape plan, then quickly followed the herd of zebras, leaving the encirclement of 14 hyenas.

A kudu is drinking from a lake in Namibia’s Etosha National Park, unaware that it is surrounded by a pack of hyenas.

Spotting the enemy, the antelope tries to escape. Knowing that it is impossible to run faster than a hyena on land, the antelope rushes quickly towards the lake.

The kudu is larger than many other antelope species. With the speed of diving into the water very quickly thanks to its long legs, it fortunately left 14 hyenas behind.

In the water, the antelope moves away from the control of the hyenas, while taking advantage of the time to find a safe escape plan.

However, standing underwater is only a temporary solution to help antelope maintain a distance just enough for the enemy to not approach. If you stand in cold water for a long time, the antelope’s muscles can contract, making it difficult for it to escape.

Meanwhile, the hyenas are ready to wait on the shore and also on the edge of the lake because they know that sooner or later the prey will have to leave the lake.

After nearly three hours of stalemate and noticing the danger still lurking around, the antelope spotted a herd of zebras rushing from the water to the shore. Taking advantage of this opportunity, it moved into the crowd and escaped successfully.



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