The Mysterious and Inexplicable Yearning of Apollonia Saintclair

The female artists who make erotic work, in past and present, are well represented in the genre. But there is one compelling voice working within the sensual ‘idiom’ that is difficult to ignore. The name of this mysterious self-taught artist, whose ambiguous black-and-white universe we, the viewer get sucked into, is Apollonia Saintclair

Ever since she has been visually asserting herself on the world wide web from 2013, the mysterious artist Apollonia Saintclair is one of the most anticipated European artists working within sensual art at the..

. She chose this pseudonym to separate her personal life from her public life, as she considers privacy one of the last true luxuries.

Apollonia Saintclair astronaut and nude

Ink Is My Blood (Vol.1)‘ (2015)

Instant Sensation

Since 2012, when Saintclair’s work appeared for the first tι̇ɱe on the World Wide Web (mainly Tumblr and Instagram before censorship), it was an instant sensation. Before, she still worked analog and mainly for herself but from that moment on she started to use the digital medium for an ever increasing audience. Despite the step to this new medium she tries to keep the look and feel from Indian ink engravings, that she fancies a lot. Her use of ink is often, strongly, incited to define even more explicitly the sensual tension assumed in those pictorial images.

Apollonia Saintclair teddy bears

Ink Is My Blood (Vol.3)‘ (2018)

Imaginative Filter

Saintclair’s sensual fantasies are presented from a realistic perspective, but observed through a imaginative filter. The depicted women are not an object of male desire, but mostly of herself. Aside from the astonishing intricacy and detail in her work, the pure artistry with which she creates her art in pictorial, neo-noir, amazingly inventive ways, is that she captures the significance of what sexuality means for each of us.

Apollonia Saintclair erotic butterfly

La rencontre dans le vurt II (John Barleycorn’s strange poison)‘ (2013)


In an earlier interview Saintclaire describes herself as an omnivore, her influences range from classic European comic including artists like Milo ɱanara, Moebius, Guido Crepax, Stefano Tamburini, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

What to say about Druuna, created by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri? That she is the dream-woɱan incarnation of every nerd, geek and otaku? Since her first appearances in Métal hurlant and Heavy Metal magazines,..

and Enki Bilal. She is also very fond of the pulp fantasies of Virgil Finlay, the Art Nouveau of Aubrey Beardsley and Gustav Klimt, and of course classic masters like Caravaggio and Leonardo da Vinci. There is also a strong affinity with early surrealism, literature and cinema.

Apollonia Saintclair Slug

Le regard de l’escargot (The fertility)‘ (2014)

Ink Is My Blood

Due to Saintclaire’s popularity on Instagram (240,000+ followers by 2022) and the limitations of the small computer and phone screen, in particular because her illustrations became more complicated, she and her publisher started a crowdfunding project on Ululu in 2017 to create her work in book form entitled ‘Ink Is My Blood‘.  Over the years four volumes were published.

ink is my blood volume 1

From ‘Ink Is My Blood (Vol.1)

Apollonia Saintclair Rabbit

La fille cruelle (Alice in furs)‘ (2014)

Apollonia Saintclair As Sharp as a razor

La fleur tranchée (As sharp as a razor)‘ (2014)

Apollonia Saintclair The back room lesson

The back room lesson‘ (2020)

Apollonia Saintclair The Guest in the Bathroom

The Guest in the Bathroom‘ (2021)

Apollonia Saintclair a toast to victory

A Toast to Victory‘ (2019)

Apollonia Saintclair surreal

L’aɱante romaine (Peace and seclusion)‘ (2020)

Apollonia Saintclair Ink is my blood Vol.4

Ink Is My Blood (Vol.4)‘ (2018)

Apollonia Saintclair monkey ink is my blood

Ink Is My Blood (Vol.1)‘ (2013)

Apollonia Saintclair enjoying the visit

La visite galante (Enjoying the visit)

Apollonia Saintclair Two went in I came out

La lune de chasse (Two went in – I came out)

Apollonia Saintclair Artist

Les contours du plaisir (Nephelococcygia)

Apollonia Saintclair Dreaming of Snakes

La mère des monstres (Dreaming of snakes)‘ (2021)

Apollonia Saintclair nude

La fringale (Marguerite’s craving)‘ (2021)

Apollonia Saintclair Angel of Death

La fossoyeuse (Angel of death)‘ (2017)

Apollonia Saintclair The Twins

La louve capiteuse (The Twins)‘ (2017)

Apollonia Saintclair Art

Le soulagement (Totally out of control)‘ (2020)

Apollonia Saintclair Summer Breeze

La brise de l’été (Summer breeze)‘ (2020)

Apollonia Saintclair The Spoils of War

La prise de guerre (The spoils of war)‘ (2020)

Apollonia Saintclair horny saddle

‘ ‘

Apollonia Saintclair unknown identity

Unknown Identity‘ (2018)

Apollonia Saintclair hard cock

Ink Is my Blood (Vol.3)‘ (2018)

Apollonia Saintclair female exhibitionist

Et in arcadia ego‘ (2020) — A tribute to the Australian model Stefania Ferrario

The Latin title and subject in this design are a reference to the painting of the leading Baroque painter Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665).

Apollonia Saintclair Octopus blood

Le sang d’encre (Octopus blood)‘ from the series ‘Ink Is My Blood (Movie Images)‘ (2018)

'Ink Is My Blood (Vol.1)

Ink Is My Blood (Vol.1)‘ (2015) (Honesterotica

In the world of erotic art there aren’t that ɱany inspiring online resources. One of the rare exceptions is honesterotica. This site that is solely dedicated to the art of the finest erotic illustrators of past..


Apollonia Saintclair vaguba fingering

Inside II‘ (2017)

Apollonia Saintclair butterfly

La collectionneuse (Pinned through and through)‘ (2017)


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