The Tiny Cup: Babies Use This Tiny Cup to Self-Feed

Tradiționally, newborns are fed with milk using bottles. However, as babies grow older, it becomes essential to introduce them to the concept of drinking from a cup. Around the age of six to nine months, infants begin to develop the necessary motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and oral control required to handle a cup independently.

Developing Fine Motor Skills:

Learning to drink from a cup involves intricate fine motor skills. Babies need to grasp the cup, hold it steadily, and tilt it to bring the liquid to their mouths. This process requires hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and the ability to control their grip. By mastering these skills, newborns enhance their overall motor development and become more self-reliant in their daily activities.

Promoting Oral Development:

Drinking from a cup encourages oral development in newborns. Unlike sucking on a bottle, drinking from a cup requires them to use different oral muscles, promoting tongue and lip coordination. This helps in strengthening the oral muscles, which are crucial for speech development and overall oral motor control.

Encouraging Independence and Self-Feeding:

When a newborn baby drinks milk from a cup all by themselves, it signifies a significant milestone in their journey towards independence. They gain a sense of control and accomplishment as they learn to feed themselves, fostering their self-confidence and autonomy. This newfound skill also encourages self-feeding and allows caregivers to gradually transition from spoon-feeding to introducing solid foods, promoting healthy eating habits.

Bonding and Social Engagement:

The process of a newborn drinking from a cup also promotes bonding and social engagement. As babies become more independent in their feeding, they actively participate in family mealtimes rituals. Sitting together and sharing meals not only fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness but also provides opportunities for social interaction, communication, and language development.


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