The Top 29 Posters by Emanuele Taglietti: Bold Crime and Horror Images That Cross Lines

The legendary comic book cover artist Eɱanuele Taglietti (1943, Ferrara, Italy) already at a very young age came into contact with the world of illustration by collaborating with his father, a well-known painter and decorator, in the creation of film sets.

Emanuele Taglietti portrait

Fig.1. Eɱanuele Taglietti in 2o18 (

Sergio Leone

He graduated from the art institute of Ferrara, and continued his participation in the world of cinema, taking care of the creation of layouts and sets for directors of the caliber of Federico Fellini , Marco Ferreri , Dino Risi , Sergio Leone and Ettore Scola. At the same tι̇ɱe he also produced film posters and collaborated on sets for important television productions including “Marco Polo“.

Zora the Vampire

But it is with comic book covers that Taglietti achieved popularity with the general public. For example, there are the ɱany illustrations he made for Renzo Barbieri’s sexy periodicals, created simultaneously with sacred illustrations and historical popularization books. For Edifumetto, in fact, he created the covers of the books of “Playcolt (with Alain Delon), “Zora the Vampire“, “Beelzeba“, “Cemetery“, “Blue Fairy“, “The Musketeer (Fig.2)”, Sukia“, “Ulula”, “The Policewoɱan“, “Mafia“, “44 Magnum (Tom Selleck)”,”Fox“, “Colorful fairy Tales”,” Sexy Fairy Tales” and “Blonde Viper“.

Emanuele Taglietti La Muschettiera

Fig.2. ‘La Muschettiera (The Musketeer)‘ (2021) (WIP) Produced for Annexia publishing house.

La Muschettiera Emanuele Taglietti

Fig.2a. Finished painting ‘La Muschettiera‘ (2021) ‘ Inspired by a nice series from the eighties.

Violence and Eroticism

Taglietti’s iconic work, overflowing with violence and eroticism, is inhabited by perverted female cops and prison guards, murderous femme fatales, vampires, werewolves, honoring movie icons like Frankenstein (Wallestein), Quasimodo (Fig.20) and even Sylvester Stallone, sadistic sects, and even a sensual pairing of Christopher Lee (in his iconic role of Dracula) and Marilyn Monroe.

Sexy Starlet

His realistic style and ability to cross genres has defined his work. From macho investigator to sexy starlet, and from monster stories to fairy tales, he was master of them all.  Although Eɱanuele retired in 2000, one can still find him in his studio with paint brush in hand.

Although he produced over 500 covers below you can find 29 of his most exciting ones…

Emanuele Taglietti comics

Fig.3. Cover for ‘Il Morto #39‘ (2019)

Emanuele Taglietti

Fig.4. ‘Beelzeba … virile and viral ‘ (Sept 2020)

Emanuele Taglietti experiment

Fig.. ‘A shock for take-off’ (Jan

In October, we’ve published an article devoted to pornographic daguerreotypes of the 19th century. The Czech photographer Jan Saudek (born 1935) creates his sensual hand-colored daguerreotypes today, using the..

2018) (Source: Sex and Horror)

The Creature From The Black Lagoon, by Emanuele Taglietti

Fig.6. ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon‘ by Eɱanuele Taglietti (Pulp Librarian)

Emanuele Taglietti Cover for 'Zora la Vampira and Wallestein'

Fig.7. Original illustration for ‘Wallestein -Smoke of China‘ #279, Oct 2018).  Wallestein, is a beloved character of Taglietti that he already created in the seventies. This ruthless and cruel protagonist marked an important step in the artist’s career.

Zora la Vampira and Wallestein

Fig.8. Original illustration for ‘Wallestein‘ (#10, Oct 1975)

Dracula on boat erotic

Fig.9. Original illustration of the cover of ‘Zora‘ Issue #62 (May 1977)

Emanuele Taglietti giant spider

Fig.10. Original illustration from the cover of ‘Sukia‘ Issue #135, Sept 1984)

Emanuele Taglietti Frankenstein

Fig.11. Original illustration from ‘Wallestein‘ (#15, Dec 1974)

sexy vampire pulp art

Fig.12. ‘Blayne, the Vampire of Las Vegas‘ (2014)

Emanuele Taglietti Sukia

Fig.13. Cover of ‘Sukia‘ Issue #52 (May 1980)

Frankenstein with semi nude police woman

Fig.14. Oil on canvas ‘La Poliziotta (The Policewoɱan)‘ (2013)


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