Unconditional love a daughter has for her mother, despite her apparent imperfections (Video)

How I felt.

I felt very happy, very fulfilled.

My pregnancy.

She was very calm, thank God.

There were some complications due to my situation, you know, my problem, but the pregnancy was uneventful and very peaceful, beautiful.

This here is Zaia, my princess, Edmilson, extraordinary.

He is incredible.

He is wonderful.

He helps me with everything with these Pines.

Seven months of it have been a rush, but it has been like this, the best months of my life.

It’s been wonderful.

Every moment with her is very incredible, very special.

She is very perfect.

My name is Karine.

I am judged on social media.

I cut off a daughter under these conditions.

The name of the problem I have is xerodestics.

It’s a rare disease, right, that affects one child in every million.

Right, this disease.

It limits us and prevents us from scratching in the sun or any type of light that transmits ultraviolet rays.

When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with xeroderno pigmentosum.

Every time I exclude myself from the sun, I’m subject to, you know, my skin showing these little spots that are skin cancer.

I have already had 219 surgeries, all to remove skin lesions.

Some images, others simpler, like this one of Kelly, when I found out that I was pregnant, that I was diagnosed with two nodules in my lung.

And until then, these nodules were stable and the doctor was only monitoring them through exams in April, yes, some other lesions appeared, you know, on the skin, on my back, which also needed to be operated on, and these lesions were causing a lot of pain.

So they needed to remove the first, these injuries, and then perform surgery.

Until then, I didn’t know I was pregnant, just that I was already pregnant.


Today, I am very grateful to God.

Right, because if it weren’t for these injuries, I would probably have lost her, right?

That, unfortunately, the sides that I took from my clan were confirmed in the biopsy, which was new and already at home.

Right, I’m going to have to undergo treatment today.

What chemotherapy today, in therapy, I’m just waiting for the results of the treatment I’m going to undergo.

I’m using these eye drops because about three months ago, I was losing my vision in my right eye.

I can’t see in my left eye anymore, I was losing it, I don’t even have vision in my right eye.

So I started this treatment with these eye drops to recover my vision and, Thank God, it is working and the condition does not affect my personal life, not even being a mother, because I always do my best in everything I do.


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