A homeless dog wagged his tail one last time in a desperate attempt to get help before passing away.

Distemper is one of the leading causes of death among unvaccinated stray dogs. This infectious virus, which attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems of dogs, is often fatal.

In this video, we see Animal Help Unlimited staff attempt to rescue a young homeless puppy suffering from distemper.

In reality, the dog had been infected for weeks, but was not treated because the baby was homeless. They finally found her collapsed on the side of a road, her tail wagging in hopes of seeking rescue.

The rescue team realized the dog was dying, but they intended to give him a chance to recover. He received intensive care for 2 weeks, which included antibiotics and fluids.

Despite her unbearable discomfort, the dog was grateful that humans took care of her for the first time in her life.

It was gradually improving every day! It was a magical moment for the care team when the puppy regained the strength to get on all fours and walk again!

She was so happy about her victory that she ran to her rescuers and hugged them tightly. Her bright smiles and unlimited tail wagging made our day!

To see how the rescue team fought against all odds to save this young pup’s life, watch the video below.

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