Admire Cristiano Ronaldo’s lavish 7-bedroom villa with private swimming pool in Madrid

Real’s number 1 star Cristiano Ronaldo owns a villa worth 7.2 million pounds with 7 bedrooms in Madrid (Spain).

In 2009, Ronaldo joined the Royal team for a record transfer fee among players (80 million pounds). Up to now, CR7 is still the most expensive player in the world. In order to prove the wealth of one of the top stars, the Portuguese player had to spend a lot of time to find a satisfactory place to live.

After that, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a villa with an area of ​​up to 2,600 square meters near the Spanish capital Madrid. In order to enhance its luxurious and expensive look, Ronaldo invited famous architect Joaquin Torres to redesign it.

Based on the value of 7.2 million pounds, it can be seen that the total cost Ronaldo spent to have an ideal place to live is not small. Specifically, to ensure security and avoid the eyes of paparazzi, CR7 has installed the most modern camera system.

On the door of each bathroom and bedroom, the Real star engraved the letters CR (short for Cristiano Ronaldo). One of the other notable points is that there is always a large bedroom on each floor. In addition, the Portuguese star also designed a swimming pool in the villa and a large garden that looks very unique.

Front view of Ronaldo’s villa in Madrid.

White tables and chairs to match the color of the floor in the living room

Image of the first floor of the villa with the main color white.

The garden is designed quite uniquely.

Image of the roof of the villa.

   CR JR’s son’s room is decorated in blue.

On the doors of 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, the Real star engraved the word CR.

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