Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez celebrate Three Kings Day at their super villa in Dubai

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Celebrating Three Kings Day with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, their kids, and close friends was another way for Cristiano Ronaldo to enjoy his winter break.

As the star player for Al-Nassr won’t play for the Saudi Arabian team again until the beginning of February, he is using the time to spend with his family.

Over the weekend, Ronaldo and his team went to Dubai for a few days to celebrate Three Kings Day. This is the day that remembers when the three wise men saw baby Jesus for the first time and gave him gifts.

There were also famous fitness trainer Soraya Alvarez and her partner, as well as famous sports writer Edu Aguirre and his wife Julia Salmeán, with Ronaldo, Rodriguez, and their children.

Rodriguez posted several pictures to Instagram, including one of a group of people wearing crowns after being visited by three costumed “kings.” Rodriguez has 55 million followers on Instagram.

Rodriguez is close with Alvarez because he trains her to be fit.

There was also Miguel Paixao at the party in Dubai.

Ronaldo lived with Paixao when he first started out at Sporting Lisbon as a youth, and the two haven’t been apart since. He is still very close with the former Manchester United star.


In the past few years, Ronaldo and Rodriguez have become very friendly with Aguirre, a reporter for El Chiringuito, and his wife Salmean.

It was while Aguirre and Salmean were playing for Real Madrid in Spain that they became friends with Ronaldo and Rodriguez.

Rodriguez and Salmean also often go on trips together, like to the Cannes Film Festival. Because Ronaldo moved to Al-Nassr, they’ve spent time together there.

Rodriguez shared a picture of the adults having a drink at a rooftop bar while they were in Dubai.

Rodriguez can be seen laughing in another video while she eats candyfloss at a diner.

Ronaldo’s life is going great right now. His most recent trip happened just a few days after he allegedly bought a huge house on Dubai’s “Billionaires Island.”

The Al-Nassr superstar had a great year in 2023 and was the top scorer in the world. He also has an amazing property collection spread out over several countries.

And Ronaldo, who makes £175 million a year with the Saudi club, will be praised for this accomplishment at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, where he now lives.

Bloomberg says that the Portuguese celebrity has bought a mansion on Jumeirah Bay Island, also known as “Billionaires Island,” a private area of Dubai where only the richest people live.

There is a story that Ronaldo will get the huge mansion sometime in 2024. The exact details are unknown, but it is said to cost around tens of millions of euros.

For example, there is a separate 30,000-square-meter house for sale on Billionaires Island that just opened in 2017. It has six bedrooms, private access to the beach, a showroom for seven cars, a spa, a swimming pool with a view of downtown Dubai, and on-site housing for staff.

It’s called “Billionaires Island” because, according to Bloomberg, there are more billionaires living there per square km than anywhere else in the UAE. Rich Saudis, Israelis, Indians, and Russians also live on the island.

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