Details of The Rock’s busy daily life, along with his daily experiences

American actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a busy schedule with many movie projects and business activities.

The Rock turns 52 on May 2. According to People’s sources, Dwayne Johnson likes to keep himself busy with a large amount of work. The actor was chosen by People to be one of 11 faces to appear on the cover of the magazine’s 50th anniversary.

Actors in the dubbing room of the movie “Moana 2”. Photo: Instagram Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is currently an actor and producer of film projects such as Fast X: Part 2, Jungle Cruise 2, and is in charge of voicing the demigod character Maui in Moana 2 – preparing to premiere on November 27. The news agency said that Dwayne Johnson continues to play the role of Maui in the live-action version of Moana, expected to be released in 2026.

The former American wrestler on stage rehearsing the WrestleMania tournament, in the photo he posted on May 1. Photo: Instagram Dwayne Johnson

In April alone, the actor shared many photos of work on Instagram with 397 million followers. The artist continuously updates his bodybuilding progress, filming a music video with country singer Chris Jason, guesting on the stage play Moana at a school in New York, and running two separate businesses.

People’s source commented that The Rock knows how to use social networks to “please fans and maintain his reputation”.

Dwayne Johnson in an advertising image of the beauty brand Papatui. Photo: Mark Seliger

In March, he launched the Papatui brand – specializing in skin care, hair care and tattoo protection products for men. In an interview with People, The Rock said Papatui’s goal is to normalize men’s skin care, helping men feel comfortable sharing beauty stories. The actor also revealed that he received advice from actress Emily Blunt when producing the toner line.

The former WWE wrestler filmed a music video with singer Chris Janson. Photo: Instagram Dwayne Johnson

On People, an acquaintance of The Rock commented: “He can do everything and is successful in many fields. He is willing to accept all risks, confidently doing what he wants.”

The “Moana” star with daughters Tiana, six, and Jasmine (right, eight). Photo: Instagram Dwyane Johnson

A source on People said The Rock loves his family and separates work and personal life. The actor usually spends most of his time with his two daughters and his wife – singer Lauren Hashian, 40 years old – every time he returns home.

Dwayne Johnson and his wife at the 2023 Grammy Awards. The two got married in 2019 after 12 years of dating. Photo: Cosmopolitan

Dwayne Johnson, born in 1972, is a top Hollywood actor. He is famous for his muscular roles, showing off his strength such as in the Fast & Furious series, San Andreas (2015), Skyscraper (2018), and Jumanji. According to Forbes, Johnson has many times topped the list of the world’s highest-earning actors. In addition to acting, he was a wrestler, winning 10 world championships before entering Hollywood. He returned to the WWE ring in January after a six-year absence.

Before that, he married film producer Dany Garcia in 1997, divorced in 2008. The two have a daughter – Simone Alexandra Johnson, born in 2001. Currently, Simone followed in her father’s footsteps to become a wrestler. She signed a contract with WWE in February 2020. According to People, The Rock still maintains a close relationship with his first daughter.

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