Dog faces a damaged eye, is discovered in a weakened state, and the subsequent warm-heartedness touches many people

When Animal Help Unlimited in India learned of a stinky pet in need of assistance, they sent rescue teams to the location immediately. The r…

When Animal Help Unlimited in India learned of a stinky pet in need of assistance, they sent rescue teams to the location immediately.

The rescue team discovered an unsuitable pet dog, Penny, who was involved in an atomobic accident.

According to Humane CᴜlTuɾe, India is home to more than 30 million stray dogs (and also has the highest human death toll from rabies in the world).

With so many dogs competing for space, food and also life, being injured like a vιɾa-Ɩata can result in terrible pain and also death.

When the rescue team discovered Dime, they immediately saw that she had a damaged eye.

They rushed her to the medical center for testing, which revealed that the rest of her face was injured from the car accident.

Despite looking away, Dιme’s future was very much on her mind, and she seemed to be aware of it.

Penny began to transform into a beautiful and energetic pet after recovering from surgical therapy.

Dime is now a lively and reinvigorated canon with lots of love!

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