Dream life: Usher and his family live a luxurious life in a million-dollar mansion, with a private jet and impressive fleet of supercars ‎

Usher, the Grammy-winning R&B superstar, has sold the mansion he purchased in Alpharetta, Georgia, at the beginning of his career. The residence mesmerized him as a young adolescent, and he had promised to purchase it once he could afford it.

The multiplatinum singer sold the residence for $1.5 million at the end of June, which was $1.1 million less than his initial asking price.

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Usher viewed the residence for the first time in 1991, at the age of 13. LA Reid, the illustrious music producer, owned the residence and had converted one of the rooms into an advanced recording facility for his new record label, LaFace.

In 1999, Usher ultimately purchased the residence for $1.2 million. While he was supporting a character on the UPN sitcom “Moesha” at the time, the 20-year-old had his first platinum single, “U Make Me Wanna,” in heavy rotation on the radio.







After entering this home, I… “I recall walking through it completely captivated by everything I saw, and I thought to myself, ‘One day, I hope to own a house like this.’” Usher reflected on the matter in an episode of “How I’m Living” from 2003. “I ultimately purchased this house.” It contains historical significance. This home is the repository of my past.

The foyer featured black marble columns, and the living room was visible from an open corridor on the second floor. A black marble fireplace and built-in mahogany bookcases adorned the living room. The kitchen featured a marble-topped island in the center.

He recalled that the master chamber was “absolutely sophisticated, yet extremely cozy, and absolutely seductive.” “This room, with its animal-print throw, gold-colored silk comforter, and black and gold poster bed, is a reflection of my character,” he once remarked.

Usher eventually substituted a wooden model for the wrought-iron and glass entrance, as well as a muted gray wood staircase railing, which was originally made of mahogany and iron.

As an alternative to marble, the living room now features a herringbone-patterned masonry mantel and a rustic wooden mantel that appears to have been adrift from a barn. Floating bookcases have been installed in place of the built-ins.

With a marble countertop, the center island in the kitchen is now a subdued shade of teal. In addition, a pair of rustic tables, a sliding metal door, and bench seating are included. A backyard access point is a Dutch entrance with a farmhouse motif.

The restrooms were renovated with white marble, vintage-style tile, and streamlined glass shower doors.

Fans of Usher are likely to be most impressed by the floor-to-ceiling mirrors and powerful sound system that adorn his private dance studio.

A private theater, yoga studio, spa, and sauna are located elsewhere. A summer kitchen and a heated pool are located outdoors.

Usher is still attempting to sell a six-bathroom, five-bedroom residence in West Hollywood for $3.7 million. Police say that intruders broke into the residence in late March and fled with $820,000 worth of cash and jewels.

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