Dwayne Johnson volunteered to be a model for his daughter to practice makeup, a fun makeup session with his daughters made fans laugh out loud

His daughters’ zeal for “blender” particularly amused fans.

Dwayne Johnson lets his daughters give him a ‘makeover’

Nothing says “girl dad” quite like a dad agreeing to get a makeover – as Dwayne Johnson has learned.

The Black Adam star, 50, recently posted a video on his Instagram page showing his two younger daughters, Jasmine, seven, and Tiana, four, playing with makeup on his face.

In the clip, Johnson is sat at the kitchen table in a blue tank top and matching shorts, in stark contrast with the bright pink lipstick that coloured his face and neck.

The girls had also drawn a curly moustache and a goatee around his lips, and gave him a unibrow with black eyeliner.

At one point, Tiana runs away shouting: “I’m going to get more makeup!” as Jasmine gets up on the chair behind her father and draws on more lipstick on the back of his head.

In response, Johnson says, “No, I don’t need more makeup.” “I think I’m doing okay.”

But Tiana cries back, “Daddy! You need a blender.

“Daddy, can we give you a makeover?” the actor captioned the photo.

“Daddy has a Zoom meeting in ten minutes, baby, so no.”

“Please, make it happen right away!

“All right, but hurry up and just do my nails and make me look good.”

He went on, “Zoom meeting cancelled,” his requests firmly rejected. My two tornadoes point and laugh uncontrollably, without empathy or judgment.

“I spend an hour trying to remove lipstick from my face and head because, I didn’t realize, it stains the skin.”

Taking it all in stride, Johnson remarked, “Hey, [there’ll] be a time down the road when this stuff won’t matter to them anymore, so sign me up – daddy’s in.” #WhoRequiresA Blender?

Fans of the Jumanji actor joked about how attractive his daughters had made him look, finding the film to be humorous.

Someone said, “You look so handsome hahaha I love these.”

Another said, “I think the blender will really bring the whole look together.” She is right.

Something like, “We have Pink Adam now,” was said by someone else.

Johnson has three daughters as his children. In addition to his spouse Lauren Hashian, he has a 21-year-old daughter named Simone Johnson and an ex-wife named Dany Garcia.

On July 10, 2018, Dwayne Johnson attended the “Skyscraper” New York Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square with his daughter Simone Garcia Johnson.

He shared in 2019 what it was like to live with so many “badass women.”

It’s “terrifying, but yet it’s awesome,” the semi-retired professional wrestler said to Extra TV about being the lone man in the house.

He clarified that there was “a lot of testosterone with me growing up” and that his father was really severe because he was the only child.

“This is how I want to strike a balance between being this gorgeous oestrogenic energy and also being able to infuse fatherhood and hopefully set an example for what a man should be in their lives,” he said.

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