Dwayne Johnson will star in Popeye: The Sailor Man, do you think he’s suitable? ‎

Millions of people have seen a trailer for Popeye: The Sailor Man, a new live-action movie starring Dwayne Johnson seemingly coming out in 2024 – is it real?

He conquered the WWE and became the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. He made an unforgettable debut in Hollywood as The Scorpion King, queued up strange and strong roles in the likes of Southland Tales and Welcome to the Jungle, and became the highest-paid actor on the planet.

The Rock’s Hollywood domination is set to continue with his live-action adaptation of Moana, in which he’ll reprise his role as Maui.

However, a new trailer has people believing he’s taking on the mantle of another iconic character: Popeye in The Sailor Man. Here’s what you should know.

Dwayne Johnson’s Popeye: The Sailor Man movie explained

Popeye: The Sailor Man isn’t happening, nor is Dwayne Johnson playing the character in any live-action action movie.

You may have caught a teaser trailer for Popeye: The Sailor Man on YouTube from Foxstar Media. If not, check it out below:

“In the sea’s vast tales, where legends and battles reign and only the fearless triumph, mirrors the vastness of the ocean’s… he sails, the spinach-loving sailor; his muscles flexing in determination, and his spirit unyielding. Join the journey of Popeye, the Sailor Man,” the narrator says.

While we see an assembly of clips from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Jungle Cruise, and other movies, the trailer ends with a bizarre image of Popeye under stormy skies with his trademark enormous arms.

Just so we’re clear: this is a fake trailer for a movie that isn’t real. However, it’s racked up more than 1.4 million viewers in just a few days, and some people are genuinely excited about it – or angry.

“Awesome awesome awesome!!!!” one user wrote, while another commented: “Damn I can’t wait.”

However, a third wrote: “WTF!!??? Of course nothing is ever sacred anymore! Robin Williams IS the one & only TRUE Popeye the Sailer Man! Hollywood needs to seriously STOP ruining childhood classics for real.”

Fake posters have been catching moviegoers out a lot recently: for example, the John Krasinski Die Hard rumors, Henry Cavill’s apparent Terminator remake, Andy Serkis seemingly returning as Smeagol, and The Polar Express sequel that definitely isn’t happening.

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