Ellen DeGeneres Ɓгeаkѕ Down After Leaked Footage EXPOSES Her At Diddy’s FreakOffs

“Ellen, were you surprised by the allegations about P. Diddy? Did that surprise you about P. Diddy? I may not be the first one to say it, definitely not going to be the last, but um, the whole Diddy situation, right? Y’all realize that this is just like the first of thousands? Anyone realize that Ellen’s Generous has been real quiet lately? But I haven’t spoken directly because I don’t know what to say. If there’s anyone in the industry who’s had to deal with all the celebrities, it’s Ellen DeGeneres. She’s had everyone on her show from Justin Bieber to Beyoncé and even Obama. But guess who else is on that list? Puff Diddy himself. And he wasn’t there once or twice. We’ve seen his appearance on The Ellen Show a lot over the year, so it’s pretty obvious that the two were close, right? But who knew they were so close that she attended all of Diddy’s freak-offs? Yeah, if there was a party going on, she was there. Now that Diddy might be going straight to trial, Ellen is allegedly afraid of what those leaked videos will show. It can’t be anything good, right? Okay, so let’s dive into this Ellen Degeneres and Diddy drama because let’s be real, we all saw this collusion coming from a mile away.

Recently, paparazzi swarmed Ellen, probably making her wish she could just disappear out of the spotlight at that moment. Why? Because they were asking her questions about her old pal Diddy and those notorious parties of his that are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. “Ellen, were you surprised by the allegations about P. Diddy? Did that surprise you about P. Diddy? He’s been on your show many times. Have a good night. Have you been to his party? Remember how Diddy used to be a regular guest on Ellen’s show? Well, with the current allegations swirling around his parties, people are hitting rewind on those interviews, trying to connect the dots. There’s even this one interview where Diddy straight up asks Ellen why she’s always ghosting his party invites, going straight for the question.

“Oh, it’s great. So, tell me about your birthday party. Am I invited?” “Yes, yes, you’re definitely invited. I inv you to all my parties. You just haven’t seen to show up to no.” “Well, there is it on the E Coast?” “Yes.” “Well, that’s why. Don’t you have one here on the West Coast?” “Cuz I work all the time.” “Okay, well, me, maybe I have one at your house. Where’s that?” “Now. What time would your party start?” “Let’s say like 9:30.” “Really? That early?” “Yeah, I could make that.” But here’s the kicker: rumor has it that Ellen might have actually been at some of Diddy’s shindigs, just not the ones you’d find splashed across TMZ. Nope, we’re talking about the underground stuff where things allegedly got seriously sketchy.

“But I think, I think of you of of starting a party at like mid nice, like what time will it go to?” “That’s a different type of part. Uhhuh, um, no, it’ll go from like 9:30 to like maybe 3:00, 2-3:00. And then, you know, we have the top two floors of the hotel M, and then it will carry on there.” “Yeah, yeah, I mean, the act upon. No, I know about them. Um, I’ll listen to the music. Um, I’ve heard that song ‘After Party’.” Maybe she didn’t say it directly, but this interview was proof that Ellen knew what was going on. One fan said she said, “I know about them,” after P. Diddy says “the after party”, they all knew. Another added, “She has so many secrets,” and it appears all of Hollywood knew about Diddy’s parties for years.

Now, Ellen might not be facing criminal charges like Diddy, but she’s no stranger to the gossip mill. Both of them have this polished public persona that’s starting to crack, revealing glimpses of who they really are behind the cameras. There’s even that footage of Ellen making poor Justin Bieber squirm with her questions. Now, with rumors flying around about Justin being caught up in some messy stuff with Diddy and others in the industry, fans are side-eyeing Ellen hard, wondering if she’s been keeping secrets.

Now throw back to the ’80s when Ellen DeGeneres was hustling her way through the comedy scene in New Orleans. She started out slinging jokes at tiny venues and coffee houses, honing her craft until she became a nationwide sensation. Her big TV break came with Open House in ’92, but it was her role in Ellen, previously known as These Friends of Mine, that really put her on the map. Then came April ’97, a moment that shook television history to its core.

Ellen’s character on her sitcom famously came out on the Oprah Winfrey Show in what’s now dubbed the Puppy Episode, a landmark moment for LGBTQ+ representation. After the sitcom wrapped, Ellen bounced back with standup before landing another sitcom, The Ellen Show, in 2001. But it was her daytime talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, that skyrocketed her to superstardom.

Now here’s where things get interesting. Despite her image as America’s sweetheart who loves to dance and spread joy, cracks started to show in Ellen’s facade. Rumors of her less-than-friendly behavior behind the scenes began to surface, with former writers and staff members speaking out about her harsh treatment. But it wasn’t until 2016 that things really hit the fan.

Kathy Griffin spilled some serious tea in her memoir, hinting at a less-than-pleasant encounter with Ellen. Though she doesn’t name names, she drops a hint about the host’s short blonde hair and notorious mean streak that’s apparently common knowledge in Hollywood. The drama between Griffin and DeGeneres goes way back to 2007 when Ellen did a monologue about Griffin being mean, talk about a low blow.

Griffin felt the sting, especially since they’re both women in comedy. Kathy explained, “I am apparently not her cup of tea, but I think she is great. I am not a comedy snob; I’m vulgar, but I think it’s great. There’s clean comedians and prop comedians and topical comedians and observational comedians. I’m just happy whenever a female, especially a female over 50, is still in the game.”

She then wrote, “I had mentioned on your show that I wish that women would support each other more, in particular, super super influential women. I expressed that to her, and she was like, ‘I don’t have to have anybody on my show I don’t like.’ Now other stars started chiming in, sharing their own stories of Ellen’s alleged rudeness and discomforting behavior towards guests. Remember that cringeworthy interview with Mariah Carey in 2008?

DeGeneres was digging into Carey about those juicy rumors, but the singer’s not exactly feeling it. And then the other time she really put Dakota Johnson on the spot about her birthday party? Let’s just say Dakota wasn’t about to let Ellen slide on that one. Ellen’s always known for her sassy jokes and playful attitude, but there’s a fine line between joking around and being straight-up mean.”

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