From a professional athlete to a movie star. How does Jason Statham train?

From a professional athlete to a movie star. How does Jason Statham train?

Jason Statham is an athletic and charismatic actor. Today we will look at how he switched his career as a professional athlete to an actor. And let’s look at how Statham trains, because he is always in shape!

Today Jason Statham is one of the most famous and sought-after actors. He quickly burst into the world of action films, thanks to spectacular hand-to-hand combat and extreme driving.

Once upon a time, the charismatic Briton could only be seen on TV while watching diving championships. It was this type of sport that Jason practiced professionally and was even a member of the Great Britain Olympic team. But it never became the work of my whole life.

After a long search for himself, he made his film debut in Guy Ritchie’s cult action film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Thus began an enchanting film career. Excellent physical fitness, flexibility and mobility, a high level of martial arts proficiency made the actor interesting and natural in the action genre.

When there are only fighters around

Jason Statham was born on July 26, 1967 in Shirebrook. His father was into boxing, and his older brother was into martial arts. The young man always had an interest in sports. At school, he willingly played football, but especially loved diving. He practiced this sport professionally for 12 years. However, he did not take high prize places, although he was among the fifteen best oda jumpers on the planet.

At the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand his result was 8th place. Gradually the young man began to think about stopping his activities. There was a catastrophic lack of money.

To make ends meet, I even had to work as a street vendor, selling smuggled perfume and jewelry. The path to acting began with the modeling business. Jason has advertised clothing from the brands Adidas, Levi’s, and Tommy Hilfiger. Also starred in musical films.

Success in cinema

Working as a model made Jason more or less recognizable and opened the way to the world of cinema. Filmmakers often turn to modeling agencies to select a person with the appearance of the desired type.

This is how director Guy Ritchie noticed the young athlete. And in 1998, Statham got a role in his film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The casting was very unusual. Jason turned on all his charm and ability to talk down potential buyers and persuaded Richie to buy some absolute nonsense from him.

The director was impressed by the man’s artistry and persuasiveness, and approved him for the role. The creative tandem eventually became quite cranky – “Big Snatch”, “Bone Crusher”, “Revolver”, “Human Wrath”.

Among Statham’s most famous works are:

· “Robbery on Baker Street”;

· The successful trilogy “The Transporter”;

· “Mechanic” 1, 2;

· “Unstoppable” 1, 2, 3;

· Several episodes of “Fast and Furious” (6-10).

The actor prefers to perform all the stunts on his own. This has been the case since his first film. And even star status does not change this approach. In the third part of The Expendables, a dangerous situation even arose while performing a stunt. The car Statham was in crashed into the sea. Fortunately, water is his native element.

The actor prepares very carefully for each role. This applies to both developing the script and working on yourself. In the latter there is certainly no place for compromises. Discipline and seasoned character allow you to achieve ideal results. Before filming, Jason follows a strict diet, excluding all unhealthy foods, of which there are almost none in his diet anyway. And then serious training begins in special programs. What is their secret?

How does Jason Statham train?

At 56 years old, the action star looks very dignified. Of course, natural physical data plays a role, but 90% of success is a properly developed system of exercises. Statham has his own unique approach and doesn’t use the same workout twice.

Statham regularly goes to the gym. But, unlike most brutal actors, he treats training with iron as an auxiliary exercise.

And the main thing is training with your own body weight. Plus martial arts. This is easily explained, because acrobatics and martial arts are the action that is required of him on camera.

My favorite exercises are exercises with my own weight (pull-ups, push-ups on the floor, and also on parallel bars). During push-ups, weights must be added.

To train speed and flexibility, ropes and gymnastic rings are used.

Martial arts occupy a special place. Jason became a recognized expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. To show spectacular hand-to-hand fights on camera, the actor practices combined training aimed at improving mobility, as well as the accuracy of strikes.

And only after this come strength exercises.

It’s interesting that Statham’s first place in iron is kettlebell. And only after that he does the bench press and squats with the barbell extended above his head. Adds the military press (standing barbell press).

All exercises are performed for 10 repetitions.

Training – 6 days a week. In principle, this is a harsh classic for all actors who play brutal characters in films.

In a week he manages to work all muscle areas. This allows you to increase endurance, burn excess fat and build the required amount of muscle mass. Each workout begins with a 20-minute warm-up on the rowing machine (20 strokes/minute).

The sixth day is dedicated to an hour-long run in the fresh air. After such a marathon there must be a day of complete rest.

Power plan

Proper nutrition also plays an important role. So food with carbohydrates is consumed only before 14:00. The last time the actor eats is no later than 19:00 (this is a strict rule).

Of course, it is not possible to always be on a strict diet, and it is not necessary. Only in preparation for responsible roles. In the off-season, he can afford himself a little extra.

Even Statham cannot always maintain 100% perfect form. But still, he is not categorically covered in fat.

At the peak of his form, Statham, with his height of 175 cm, weighed 80 kg. Taking into account the dryness, this is, in essence, “combat” muscle mass. The daily norm does not exceed 2,000 calories. Quite modest considering its workload.

Any pastry products are completely excluded. Meals are fractional (4-6 meals per day). Particular attention is paid to the threading regime – up to 5.5 liters of water per day. Why so many? Due to large water losses in the gym.

Here is an example of a daily diet:

· Breakfast. Oatmeal, muesli, three-egg omelette, fruit.

· Dinner. Rice, sun miso, steamed vegetables.

· Dinner. Meat, fish or chicken, also with vegetables (salad usually without dressing).

· Snacks. Peanut butter, nuts, protein shakes.

Fresh fruits and yoghurts are considered the best desserts. Sometimes the actor allows himself chocolate. To control calories, all foods eaten are recorded in a special diary. This helps you stay in good shape and not eat anything extra.

Such hard work on yourself, endurance and attention to every detail helps you stay in great shape during filming. On vacation, an actor can allow himself to relax a little.

Personal life

Jason Statham had relationships with model Kelly Brook and singer Sophie Monk. The actor’s chosen one was the British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It is with her that the actor has the longest relationship (since 2010). The couple is not officially married, although in 2023 they announced that they wanted to have a wedding. This did not stop them from becoming happy parents twice. They have an eldest son, Jack Oscar (born in 2017) and a daughter, Isabella James (born in 2022).

This year Jason Statham turned 56 years old. He became one of the most successful actors of the last 20 years, and another athlete who conquered the big movie industry. He continues to actively act. And this year, fans can expect the premiere of the fourth part of “The Expendables” – with new tricks and spectacular hand-to-hand combat. And a new film, “The Beekeeper,” is already in the works, which will be released in 2024.

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