Jason Statham Reveals Why He Won’t Enter the Octagon to Face a Real Fighter: ‘They Are the Real Heroes,’ and His Reason Will Earn Your Respect

Jason Statham Reveals Why He Won’t Enter the Octagon to Face a Real Fighter: ‘They Are the Real Heroes,’ and His Reason Will Earn Your Respect

Although Jason Statham is known for his realistic action sequences, the actor would never face a real fighter.

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  • Despite performing complex stunts and realistic action scenes in movies, Jason Statham refused to face a real fighter.
  • Vowed to never enter the Octagon, Statham mentioned that he is aware of the difference between staging a fight and real fight.
  • While Jason Statham refuses to face a professional fighter out of respect, Idris Elba and Ashton Kutcher made headlines for their matches.

Rubbing shoulders with a few of the most prolific action stars in the modern day, Jason Statham has made it a habit of kicking butts on screen. From starring in action-packed films like The TransporterThe Expendables, and even the Fast & Furious franchise, Statham has skillfully turned his on-screen fights into realistic sequences with his martial arts knowledge.

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham in Expend4bles

However, despite making his onscreen fight scenes look all the more real with his disciplined training and practice, Jason Statham vowed never to enter the Octagon to face a real fighter. Having immense respect for the professional fighters, Statham explained his decision with proper reason.

Jason Statham Vowed to Never Face a Professional Fighter

Jason Statham has built a reputation for delivering some of the most realistic and thrilling action sequences in modern cinema. With a background in martial arts and disciplined practice, Statham has become the go-to actor for films that require authentic and high-octane action. Therefore, venturing from action-packed The Expendables to the Fast & Furious franchise, the actor has created a truly immersive experience for the audience.

However, while he is known for pushing himself to the limit, performing complex stunts and fight choreography without the aid of CGI or stunt doubles, Jason Statham told BJJ News that he would never dare to face a real fighter. Despite having professional training for his action sequences in films and having a keen interest in MMA, Statham refused to ever enter the Octagon for a real fight.

Jason Statham in The Transporter

What about MMA? Do you want to try it one day?” the interviewer asked

MMA, no, you know, that’s for the real fighters. I respect real fighters. Fedor Emelianenko is one of my favorite fighters ever. People like him inspire me. What we’re doing is something else, staged fights just for the movies. They are the real heroes.” Statham responded.

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Despite his real-life training in jiu-jitsu and some kickboxing, Jason Statham mentioned that when it comes to the real deal, he would never dare to have a face-off with a professional fighter. Having immense respect for the ones who turn fighting into a profession, Statham mentioned that staging fights in movies, no matter how real they look, is completely different from professional matches.

Hollywood Actors Who Entered the Octagon for a Real Fight

It seems Jason Statham realizes the difference between realistic fight scenes in movies and real-life UFC fights. Therefore, despite performing complex hand-to-hand combat, high-speed driving, precision shooting, and all those stunts that are unmatched in the industry, Statham would never dare to face a real fighter, out of respect towards their profession.

However, there are legendary Hollywood actors who, unlike Jason Statham, have tried their luck in professional UFC matches. One notable personality is MCU’s Thor actor Idris Elba, who played Heimdall in the films. Being a legit kickboxer who has often showcased his chiseled physique and fighting skills onscreen has also had a couple of professional fights, as per Evolve MMA.

Idris Elba in a still from his docuseries Idris Elba: Fighter
Idris Elba in a still from his docuseries Idris Elba: Fighter

Similarly, romantic comedy superstar Ashton Kutcher, who is known as a high-level BJJ practitioner, has earned a purple belt and fought professional matches at the Jiu Jitsu World League Championship. His skills even made black belt Rigan Machado imagine an easy winning fight against Connor McGregor.

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