Jason Statham’s next blockbuster in 2024 and 2025, revealing unprecedented action scenes

Jason Statham‘s upcoming films from 2024 to 2025 and beyond include three films in the action genre and one crime drama movie.

All Jason Statham movies coming out in 2024 and 2025
Here are all the upcoming movies that will star Jason Statham.

The Beekeeper (2024)
The first film in 2024 and the only known film of the year to feature Jason Statham in a starring role is The Beekeeper. This film will be an action-thriller directed by David Ayer, known for his work in movies like Training Day and The Tax Collector. The story follows Mr. Clay, played by Statham, a former operative of the clandestine organization called The Beekeepers who attempts to exact revenge on the people responsible for a phishing scam that led to the suicide of his friend and neighbor.

Fast X: Part 2 (2025)
Jason Statham will then reprise his role of Deckard Shaw in next year’s Fast X: Part 2. This will no doubt be exciting for his fans and fans of the Fast & Furious franchise as Statham’s Shaw will very likely have a major role in this film compared to his extended cameo in 2023’s Fast X, which saw him head off to rescue his mother after her involvement in helping Dominic Torretto and his team made her a target.

Levon’s Trade (TBA)
The first upcoming film starring Jason Statham to not have a confirmed release year is Levon’s Trade. This film will be based on the novel Levon’s Trade and will be scripted by Sylvester Stallone. Statham will also re-team with David Ayer, who is reportedly attached to direct the film. Statham will play Levon Cade, a former Black Ops soldier who is forced to use his skills again after his former boss’ teenage daughter goes missing.

Small Dark Look (TBA)
Statham’s second film with an unconfirmed release year is Small Dark Look. He will play the lead role in the project which will be directed by Martin Zandvliet, known for the Oscar-nominated film Land of Mine, and scripted by Steven Knight, who created BBC’s Peaky Blinders. The details about Statham’s character are unknown as of publishing.

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