1. Frank Martin

The Transporter

Jason Statham fighting a man at a bus depot in The Transporter

However, the top spot has to go to one of Statham’s first ever leading roles, The Transporter. While The Transporter films are marginally more grounded than some of the other entries on this list, the character of Frank Martin is an absolute tank who can get up and walk away unharmed from multiple explosions, car collisions, chase down speeding cars on a bike, get air from a car tire to survive underwater, and generally complete a long list of impossible tasks.

It may be one of Statham’s earliest roles as a leading action hero, but it stands out as one of his all time best and most lethal characters. Martin works as a for-hire mercenary and transporter, as suggested by the name, but his resourcefulness, willingness to kill to survive, and his intelligence make him elite. Were Martin pitted against other characters played by Jason Statham, there is a good chance he would come out on top.