Selena Gomez shines radiantly in a white bikini, happy and seductive with friends on the beach

Friendship first: 'My best friend is getting married, so we celebrated her! Future Mrs. Lopez,' wrote Gomez on Instagram, sharing a gallery of pictures from the beach trip

After taking a step back from the public eye to prioritize her mental well-being, Selena Gomez has been finding comfort and strength in the company of her friends. Recently seen in exclusive photos acquired by, the 26-year-old singer looked radiant and full of life during a getaway to Mexico. Donning a stylish cream bikini, she was all smiles and laughter as she celebrated her best friend’s engagement surrounded by loved ones. It’s clear that Selena is in a much happier and healthier place after her break from the spotlight.

Healthy and happy: Selena Gomez appeared to be in great spirits during her recent trip to Mexico over the weekend, as part of her best friend's engagement party

Selena Gomez seemed to be glowing with joy during her recent getaway to Mexico for her best friend’s engagement celebration. Even with her past health struggles, including a kidney transplant and battling Lupus, Selena looked at ease and stress-free while enjoying the sunny beach in a chic two-piece outfit. Her beach attire included a top with a straight cut and high-waisted bottoms in a playful cheeky style. To complete her beach look for the special occasion, Selena added a touch of glamour with a pair of oversized gold hoop earrings.

Selena looked radiant as she glowed while enjoying a chill time with her friends.

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Radiant: Selena beamed as she relaxed with her friends 

Selena Gomez looked effortlessly chic as she enjoyed a leisurely horseback ride with her friends. She wore a stylish outfit consisting of a straight-cut top paired with high-waisted bottoms in a cheeky cut design.

Her long brunette hair was pulled back into a casual low ponytail, and she appeared to be makeup-free, embracing a natural look. During the outing, Selena posed for some photos taken by her friend using a disposable camera.

Later on, Selena shared some snaps from the beach day on her social media, revealing that she was in Mexico celebrating as part of an engagement party.

Always stylish: The actress' ensemble featured a straight cut top with high-waisted bottoms of a cheeky cut design
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Enjoying the warm weather: Seen in Mexico during the weekend, the 26-year-old gorgeous woman looked amazing in a beige bathing suit while having a great time with her closest friends at her best friend’s engagement party.

“Say cheese!” At one moment, the singer of “Back To You” could be spotted striking a pose as her friend snapped some pictures of her using a disposable camera.

Celebrating Courtney: They were led by her longtime best friend, Courtney J Barry (far right) ahead of her upcoming nuptials to Sam Lopez

Beautiful: Selena elegantly pulled back her long brown hair into a casual low ponytail and seemed to be wearing minimal makeup. In a collection of joyful photos, she wrote, “My closest friend is getting married, so we toasted to her! Future Mrs. Lopez.” Witnesses said the ex-Disney star looked radiant in her bikini, enjoying drinks with friends while vacationing. They also saw Selena and her pals riding horses on the beach and unwinding by a cozy fire pit.

Support network: She's been leaning on her friends for support following her break from the spotlight to focus on her mental health
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Joining in the celebration! “My closest pal is tying the knot, so we treated her like a queen! Can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle as Mrs. Lopez,” she wrote alongside a collection of joyful photographs shared on social platforms.

Fun in the sun: Spotted in Mexico over the weekend, the 26-year-old beauty stunned in a cream bikini set while smiling and laughing with some of her closest pals for her best friend's engagement celebration
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Splashing around: The celebrity enjoyed a refreshing dip in the water while having a good time with her friends.

The ladies are out in full force! The celebrity’s close friends have been showing their support in recent months, with the group enjoying quality time together in Cabo, as reported by an insider from
Recovery: Selena has struggled with her health in recent years -  she had a kidney transplant in 2017 and also suffers from Lupus
. During their time there, Selena and her friends made the most of their trip by snacking on chips and guacamole, sipping on water from a large bottle, and having a good ol’ laugh while sitting in a circle on the rooftop.
As the night fell, the group enjoyed a private fireworks display while dining on the beach. Selena Gomez looked on fire as she had a pilates session with her gal pals.

Say cheese! At one point the Back To You singer was seen posing while her friend shot some photos of her with a disposable camera
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Gorgeous: Selena styled her long brunette tresses back off of her face into a effortless low-ponytail and appeared to be makeup free
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Healing: Over the past few years, Selena has faced health challenges, including a kidney transplant in 2017 and managing Lupus.

Here to celebrate! 'My best friend is getting married, so we celebrated her! Future Mrs. Lopez,' she captioned a series of happy shots on social media 
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In honor of Courtney, her close friend Courtney J Barry (on the far right) took the lead in celebrating her upcoming marriage to Sam Lopez.

Here come the girls! The star's friends have rallied around her in recent months  

Always there to support each other: Selena was accompanied on her trip by her close group of friends, who have stuck by her side since she completed her rehab stint last year. The squad, led by her longtime bestie Courtney J Barry, is gearing up for Courtney’s upcoming wedding to Sam Lopez. The soon-to-be bride shared some snapshots from their tropical getaway on social media, as did the rest of their crew. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the gang took a leisurely horseback ride along the beach. Since making her return to the public eye, Selena has been all about her friends, even teaming up with her ‘soul sister’ Julia Michaels for a new musical collaboration last month.

Prioritizing friendship: “Celebrated my best friend’s upcoming wedding today! Cheers to the future Mrs. Lopez,” Gomez captioned an Instagram post featuring a collection of photos from their beach getaway.

Enjoying a full day of fun in the sun, the group decided to take a leisurely horseback ride along the beautiful seashore during sunset. The talented duo of Julia and Selena collaborated on the song “Anxiety” for Julia’s latest album, Monologue Part I, with Selena’s soulful voice singing the poignant lyrics. This new music release marks Selena’s return to the music scene after taking some time off for mental health treatment last year. Julia’s album, Inner Monologue Part 1, which dropped on January 25, also includes the hit song “What A Time” featuring Niall Horan. Despite Selena’s positive outlook, her ex Justin Bieber is currently dealing with his own battle with depression. Justin, who recently tied the knot with Hailey Baldwin, is seeking counseling to help him navigate through this challenging period and find his way to the next chapter in his life.

The girls indulged in different bowls of chips and guacamole and sipped on refreshing cold beverages like green juices.

Making a splash: The star cooled off on the water while sharing a laugh with her pals
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Making a splash: The star cooled off on the water while sharing a laugh with her pals

A fun getaway with the girls! Soon-to-be bride Courtney shared her excitement on social media about her amazing group of friends, giving a special shoutout to her longtime buddy, Selena.

Co-ordinated: Each girl stunned in a different style swimsuit but stuck to either white or black for the beach day 

Love was in the air as Selena Gomez shared some cozy moments with her friends on social media. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has been feeling down and exhausted lately. He is reportedly seeking help to address the underlying issues that have been affecting him. Justin has been open about the negative impact of fame on his mental health, admitting that he became arrogant and reckless at one point. Despite his past relationship with Selena, Justin is now happily married to Hailey Baldwin after tying the knot in a court house ceremony last November.

All the girls looked fabulous with their unique swimsuit choices, opting for either white or black for their beach day attire.

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