Selena Gomez stunned with her seductive body in a seductive black dress at the premiere of The Dead Don’t Die with Celebrity Squad ‎

Selena Gomez had a fantastic comeback to the movie industry during the New York City premiere of her latest zombie horror/comedy film, The Dead Don’t Die. She looked stunning in a captivating black dress as she graced the event held at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Selena Gomez made a stunning comeback as she attended the premiere of the zombie movie, The Dead Don’t Die, at the Museum of Modern Art. The singer and actress flaunted her amazing figure in a plunging black dress, stealing the spotlight on the star-studded event.

Selena stunned in a gorgeous dress that featured an extravagant ostrich feather neckline. The off-the-shoulder outfit showcased her cleavage, while the short length flaunted her toned legs adorned with dark frills. Additional flair was added to the dress with lustrous black feather pom-poms over her upper arms. To complete the look, the Spring Breakers actress styled her dark tresses in a chic messy high bun, leaving a few loose strands framing her face. She accessorized with dangling diamond earrings and multiple rings, and finished off the ensemble with a pair of shiny open-toe black heels to add some height.

Selena confidently accentuated her outfit by adorning a pair of trendy mules.

Selena flaunted her assets in a revealing off-the-shoulder dress that showed off her stunning cleavage.

The gorgeous lady, who stands at 5 feet and 5 inches, flaunted her well-toned legs in a short dress adorned with dark frills.

Can’t miss it: The ensemble had an extra special touch with fluffy black feather pom-poms on the upper arms. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena’s co-star from Spring Breakers, was there to lend her support at the event. Vanessa also opted for black, sporting a unique pantsuit paired with a sheer skirt. The top of her outfit was adorned with braided fabric in various shapes and designs.

Standing tall: She boosted her stature by wearing a glamorous pair of black open-toe high heels that gleamed brightly.

Sparkling with elegance: Her outfit was enhanced by a set of exquisite diamond drop earrings and several rings adorning her fingers.

As the evening progressed, she opted for a stylish velvet shorts and shirt PJs combination that showcased her toned legs. Her jet-black hair was neatly parted in the middle and straightened to perfection. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Austin Butler, who looked dapper in a double-breasted black suit. However, he chose to go without a tie for a more casual look. This celebrity couple definitely knows how to make a fashion statement!

Assisting Selena was her fellow cast member from Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens, aged 30.

Rocking the black look: She had a preference for black attire and donned a captivating pantsuit paired with a see-through skirt.

Fascinating patterns: Her attire boasted a captivating array of fabric braids arranged in circular and unconventional forms.

The adorable duo was none other than Chloë Sevigny and her partner Austin Butler. The Dead Don’t Die actress had heads turning with her jaw-dropping fashion sense, sporting a white and black mini dress that had a floor-length train and poofy sleeves. The dress had intricate black designs of leaves and branches and was embellished with lustrous black feathers and a black bow around the chest area. Sevigny completed the look with golden blonde waves and a pair of black heels. Adam Driver, who starred in Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson, opted for a classic navy blue suit.

Chloë Sevigny, the style icon and actress from The Dead Don’t Die, flaunted her stunning taste in fashion by donning a chic white and black mini dress while portraying one of the police officers in a small town dealing with the zombie invasion.

The ensemble showcased a combination of black and white elements. The intricate patterns of leaves and branches in black were prominently featured on the white fabric. To add a touch of elegance, her chest area was adorned with a beautiful arrangement of shiny black feathers alongside a sophisticated black bow.

Golden-haired beauty: Her luscious locks of blonde hair were expertly fashioned into elegant waves.

Chloë’s unadorned black heels were concealed by her lengthy train.

Adam Driver looked dapper in a timeless navy blue suit as he made his entrance. We’ve seen him before in Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson. Rosie Perez, who portrays the news anchor named ‘Posie Juarez,’ kept it sleek in a silky black blouse and black trousers. Her spouse, artist Eric Haze, matched her outfit with a black suit. Bill Murray, one of the movie’s leading actors and a frequent collaborator with Jarmusch, showed up in a grey pinstripe blazer. He paired it with a unique combo of two different shirts.

Rosie Perez looked effortlessly stylish in her sophisticated outfit as she portrayed the role of a news anchor named ‘Posie Juarez’. Her choice of attire included a smooth black blouse and matching pants, giving off an overall dark and sleek vibe.

Eric Haze, the artist and spouse of the woman in question, donned a black suit that complemented her outfit perfectly.

A well-known comedy legend, Bill Murray, who is one of the main actors in the movie, was spotted wearing a gray pinstripe blazer over two distinct shirts and a Cubs hat. Fargo star Steve Buscemi, who also appears in the movie, wore a black suit with a midnight blue shirt. Gina Gershon opted for a long black overcoat to cover up her black blouse and slacks. Fashion influencer Luкa Sabbat, on the other hand, went for a tie-less look with a sleek black tuxedo. This American Life host Ira Glass also ditched the tie in his outfit. Singer-songwriter Justine Skye flaunted her toned legs in a stylish white mini dress adorned with feathers covering her cleavage.

Casual description: The cast of Fargo included Steve Buscemi, who was seen wearing a black suit and a midnight blue shirt for the occasion.

Gina Gershon kept herself warm by wearing a long black overcoat over her black blouse and slacks.

In the world of fashion, Luka Sabbat is a well-known name and he recently made a statement by choosing not to wear a tie with his black tuxedo. Following his lead was Ira Glass, the popular radio personality and host of This American Life, who also opted for a tie-less look.

Justine Skye showed off her toned legs in a white mini dress adorned with feathers that covered her cleavage. Danny Glover opted for a casual look with jeans, but dressed it up with a plaid blazer and blue paisley shirt. Meanwhile, Wyatt Cenac and Justin Bartha kept it relaxed with their outfits. Wyatt donned a grey unbuttoned shirt with jeans and beige boots, while Justin chose a blue patterned shirt with jeans and yellow sneakers. The Dead Don’t Die director, Jim Jarmusch, stayed true to his signature style with a black suit and striking shock of white hair.

Danny Glover, the legendary actor, rocked a laid-back look with a pair of jeans that he spiced up with a stylish plaid blazer and a blue paisley shirt, creating a unique blue mood.

No need for fancy attire: Ex-Daily Show reporter Wyatt Cenac and The Hangover star Justin Bartha opted for casual outfits during the premiere.

The attire of the attendees at a recent event was quite impressive. Jim Jarmusch, the director of The Dead Don’t Die, had his usual black suit and striking white hair on display. Alex Ross Perry, who directed the highly praised Her Smell and wrote for Disney’s Christopher Robbin, opted for a stylish short beige overcoat paired with black jeans. Ben Sinclair, the creator and star of HBO’s High Maintenance, looked sharp in his slate grey military-cut jacket and beige trousers. Artist Chloe Wise added some color to the mix with her lovely shirt featuring squares in black, red, and gray, which she paired with a sleek black ruched skirt.

Alex Ross Perry, the filmmaker behind the highly praised Her Smell and screenwriter of Disney’s Christopher Robin, was seen donning a stylish short beige coat paired with black denim jeans. This indie darling is known for his unique style both on and off the screen.

Amusing guy, Ben Sinclair, who both created and stars in HBO’s High Maintenance, donned a slate gray military-style jacket paired with beige trousers.

Chloe Wise, the artist, recently sported a beautiful shirt that had squares of black, red, and gray. Accompanying it was a ruched skirt that was all black. Gomez also made an appearance at the premiere’s after-party in a more relaxed yet voguish black outfit. She wore a short, black suede pajama set that looked like something you could sleep in but paired it with black six-inch stilettos that were perfect for partying. As she made her way from the party bus to the event, fans of the Bad Liar singer tried to grab an autograph from her.

Let’s talk about the premiere after-party where Gomez showed up in a chic all-black outfit that was still a bit more casual than her red carpet look. Moving on, have you seen Lily Rowland’s heart-fluttering diamond-shaped face? Or the stunning and charming Ryann Murphy on her birthday? And who can resist the enchanting blue gallery of Evana Mariaa? But let’s not forget about Héloïse Huthart, the perfectly curvaceous beauty at the shoreline, or the irresistible hybrid beauty of Farmer Manita’s beauties that make many hearts skip a beat. We value your privacy, so please check out our contact and privacy policy. 2023

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