Selena Gomez transforms into a beautiful bride! Confident and seductive in a new series of photos

Selena Gomez wore a semi-sheer white wedding gown for her new Love On music video, which premiered Thursday.

Selena Gomez wore a semi-sheer white dress that could pass for a wedding gown in her new Love On music video that debuted on ThursdayThe 31-year-old Texas native made the most of her short gown, which featured a cute A-line see-through skirt, crew neck, and long sleeves.

The 31-year-old Texas native had on the short dress which had a cute A-line see-through skirt, a crew neck and long sleevesIt was from Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2024 bridal collection.

A white bow was tucked into her half-updo, which she paired with hot pink satin ballet slippers.

She had a bow in her hairJustin Bieber’s ex had several friends around her who appeared to be dressed as bridesmaids as they danced ballet in a Parisian flat with ornate gold frames, oil paintings, and crystal chandeliers.

This comes amid her new hot romance with music producer Benny Blanco, who has been spotted kissing and holding hands in public.She wore eight different looks in total.

The 31-year-old Only Murders In The Building actress, who looked effortlessly chic on a recent outing in Paris, teased the single’s release earlier last week on her main Instagram page.

In the music video, filmed by French director Greg Ohrel, the singer celebrates new love while romanticizing the Parisian lifestyle.

The three-minute video began with a camera panning up a spiral staircase as couples kissed before coming to a halt in front of Selena, who was holding an adorable French bulldog in her arms.

She wore a striking hot pink dress with a large black bow on top of her brunette hair.

In one photo, she rested on the floor after eating yummy French friesThe video then cut to the beauty wearing a halter-styled blue dress, sitting outside on a balcony with the scenic ocean in the background.

She put a blue, floral hat on top of her head and started singing lyrics while getting her nails done on the circular table.

As she sang lyrics like, ‘Wait ’til I turn my love on/I’m no cheap thrill/I’m a roller coaster ride, baby, jump on,’ the video cut to Gomez lying on a green couch.

She wore a figure-hugging, strapless black dress with glittering feathery details and a matching hat.

Selena appeared to be mimicking Ramon Casas’ Decadent Young Woman painting above her.

She wore many diamond rings on her fingers as she flashed a French manicureSitting up, the Rare Beauty founder sang the steamy lyrics, ‘This doesn’t have to be some sort of mathematical equation/Slip off your jeans, slide in the sheets/Screaming “yes” in quotation marks/Clock in, baby, get to work…’

Among the scenes of the actress on the balcony and resting on the couch, the video quickly cuts to other couples sharing a romantic kiss.

On her feet were hot pink satin ballet slippersIn another scene, Gomez, who is currently dating record producer Benny Blanco, was seen hanging up the phone while eating breakfast near an open window.

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