Solange Reⱱeals How Tina & Matthew Knowles SOLD Beyonce To JayZ

It’s a business arrangement. She was a diary. He married her, and he got to have control of the Houston rap scene behind the scenes. Matthew NOS handed it over to him, and then he daddy over moved him out the way and took the whole [__] for itself. They were supposed to share that. They supposed to share. Sean Carter don’t share so good. He likes to keep everything all to himself, and anything that he can’t move around or move out the way, he’ll just remove.

I’m tired of you, Sean girl. Y’all need to be say te for this drama right now because Solange just got started on spilling the craziest nolles family tea, and it is spicy. Y’all know how there have been rumors of Jay-Z allegedly controlling Beyonce with drugs for a long time. Well, not only is Solange confirming that story, but she is also dropping some new tea about how their dad, Matthew, allegedly sold Beyonce to Jay-Z.

But if you think that’s wild, well, you better buckle up because Solange is also backing up Jaguar wri’s crazy allegations about how Jay-Z has allegedly been pimping Beyonce out to his good friend Diddy. Every time we start to think that this couldn’t get any worse, something else pops up that shocks us to our core. But Solange has more tea to spill about this insanity. So, has Beyonce really been a victim this entire time? And is this why she filed for divorce? Let’s spill this tea.

Because the Diddy, the diddy, diddy, diddy, oh, they didn’t turned over tapes allegedly with the Carters in some freak off, and the, and the B, and the Beyonce, how on the cocaine, and the tapes had jizz all over it. Hold on. We y’all, it looks like Solange is done spilling the tea on Jay-Z and his entanglement with Diddy, and she is moving on to some more concerning stuff.

And that’s the allegations that her parents, Tina and Matthew nolles, sold Beyonce to Jay-Z at a very early age. But that’s not all, because Solange is also claiming that her parents were so focused on Beyonce’s career and her business marriage to Jay-Z that they completely neglected Solange. Not everyone knows this, but Solange wasn’t always the refined lady you see today. Back in the day, she was a bit of a troublemaker, constantly finding herself in sticky situations.

Turns out, it wasn’t just because she had a knack for mischief or enjoyed stirring up trouble. It was more about her parents putting all their focus and energy into Beyonce, who was clearly the favorite from a young age. They had Beyonce on the path to stardom, training her up and all. It was like Beyonce was his whole world, leaving Solange on the back burner.

To be fair, they weren’t exactly neglectful, but Solange had to jump through hoops to get some attention. It’s no wonder she ended up in trouble so often. Matthew didn’t handle the situation all that well, but thankfully, their mom, Tina, was wise to it. She made some moves to help Solange adapt to the situation better. Tina revealed that she got Solange into therapy to help her deal with the pressure that came with being Beyonce’s little sister.

She said it was tough. She was five years younger than Beyonce, and Beyonce was the little superstar in our city. So I took them to counseling so that the counselor could help Beyonce be more sensitive to Solange because she couldn’t stand her for a minute when they were little. But it made Beyonce more sensitive to who her sister was and what Solange had to deal with because of her.

Solange was fortunate to outgrow her troublesome phase, largely thanks to her mom’s support. Her dad, on the other hand, seemed more obsessed with making Beyonce a superstar, even if it meant overlooking Solange’s needs. So it’s no wonder that over the years, she has developed a relationship with her mom but keeps her distance from her dad.

As Solange matured, her relationship with her father also changed, though not for the better. By the time she hit high school, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce’s girl group, was already making waves in the music scene. Matthew was their manager, and he had this idea of roping Solange into the group. But Solange wasn’t having it. She wanted to carve her own path rather than riding on her sister’s coattails.

At first, it seemed like Matthew wanted to mold Solange into another Beyonce, which only worsened the pressure she felt from how everyone was comparing her to Beyonce and how she felt like she constantly fell short. She talked about this in her song, “God-Given Name,” where she asked for the comparisons to stop, saying, “I’m not becoming expectations. I’m not her and never will be. Two girls gone in different directions, striving towards the same galaxy. Let my starlight shine on its own. No, I’m no sister. I’m just my god-given name, living in Beyonce’s shadow for so long.”

Naturally, it fueled Solange’s desire to forge her own path. She eventually decided to do her thing in the industry as a singer, like her big sister. But when she wanted to start her career, her parents didn’t give her as much support as they did to Beyonce. Remember how Matthew threw his weight behind Beyonce in her early career, essentially sidelining Solange and leaving her feeling neglected?

While that same level of support didn’t extend to Solange when she embarked on her own musical journey. Maybe he was too preoccupied with Beyonce and couldn’t juggle another budding career. Maybe he doubted Solange’s potential to make it big. Or perhaps he resented her for refusing to join Destiny’s Child. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that he didn’t back her the way he did Beyonce.

People believe that this is the reason Solange’s career is not as big as Beyonce’s. Now don’t get me wrong, Solange is doing well for herself. She has a great career and has won multiple awards. But Beyonce’s career is way bigger, and there are still people out there who only know Solange as Beyonce’s sister, even though she is just as talented. Many people have said over the years that the only reason Beyonce is more successful is that her father put his all into her career.

In fact, people have left comments about Solange being the more talented sister, saying stuff like, “Hot take: Solange better than Beyonce. I’m sorry,” and “I’m just going to go ahead and say it, but Solange is infinitely more talented than Beyonce.” Yeah, at this point, I think we’re starting to get a clearer picture of why she would hold a grudge.

And let’s not forget that this family tries to keep everything as private as possible. But when it comes to Matthew, he is always spilling major the tea about their family and always revealing family issues that should have just been kept private. For example, do you remember the infamous elevator fight between Solange and Jay-Z? Well, after that happened, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Solange all released a statement saying that they were moving past the issue and trying to forget it ever happened.

But then Matthew went and did an interview where he spoke about the fight and confirmed that Solange was defending Beyonce because she was sick of Jay-Z treating her like trash. And the whole time, Beyonce was begging Solange to stop and not make things worse. But Solange didn’t care and was determined to teach Jay-Z a lesson. That’s why she was laying into him so hard.

And then there was the time when Beyonce’s first pregnancy with Blue Ivy was so heavily guarded that nobody knew about it until she announced it at the MTV VMAs in 2011. But then Matthew went and did an interview where he spilled the beans about the pregnancy and said that they were all happy about it. Now, why would he go and do something like that when Beyonce wanted to keep it a secret? That’s just disrespectful.

But the thing that really got people talking was when Matthew got fired as Beyonce’s manager. Nobody knew why, and then he went and did an interview where he talked about the whole thing and said that he had nothing to do with it. But then it came out that he had stolen money from Beyonce, and that’s why he got fired. And to make matters worse, he went and did another interview where he blamed Beyonce for firing him and said that she was ungrateful. Can you believe that?

So, it’s clear that there is some tension between Matthew and the rest of the family, especially Beyonce. And it’s not just because of the elevator fight or the money he stole. It goes way deeper than that. There’s a lot of unresolved issues between them that need to be addressed. But knowing this family, they’ll probably just sweep it all under the rug and pretend like everything is fine. But we all know that’s not the case. The truth always comes out eventually.

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