Star Emma Kenny was emotional and happy to share photos of her newborn child

The star penned to her 35k followers: “I’ve waited 10 years to finally hold you in my arms.

“With every miscarriage I tried to learn to be grateful and accepting of what I had.

“I tried to dampen my desire to be a mother to another child, to find peace in my natural infertility and yet it felt so unnatural all in the same moment.”

Delving into the past nine months, Kenny opened up on how she kept her pregnancy a secret, telling her fanbase: “I have spent the last 9 months hiding my pregnancy,

Emma Kenny's daughter Etta-Blue

Emma Kenny shares the first snap of daughter Etta-Blue

“(I’ve been) travelling the country with my theatre show, filming my YouTube crime content, and working on as many projects as possible in a bid to distract myself from the growing hope and possibility that this time you may just become a reality, and that this time things will end in in the sweetness of joy, instead of the agony of loss.

“For the past 38 weeks you have grown quietly, you have allowed me a symptomless and easy pregnancy, and whilst your arrival was by far the most dramatic, I feel a blindsiding giddy glee knowing you finally decided to announce your presence in a way that none of us could ignore.

“Your beauty is breathtaking, your company perfect, your presence utterly profound, and whilst I grieve the years I wish we could have had together, I know that you are meant to be mine right now, and not a minute sooner.”

Sharing her baby’s name for the first time, Kenny continued: “Etta-Blue, you have healed more than you’ll ever know, and reminded me of the wonder of being, even in the face of loss and suffering.

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“I cannot wait to share your adventures. All my love, all my heart, all my hope…..mummy xxxx (Etta-Blue born 12.50am 30/07/2023).”

The This Morning star signed off with a sentimental quote as she wrote: “‘Love knows no difference between life and death. The one who gives you a reason to live is also the one who takes your breath away’ Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib.”

Following the announcement, it didn’t take long for a number of famous face to congratulate the star.

Dominique Samuels said in the comments section of the post: “Congratulations Emma I am so happy for you and I would love to meet your little one. CONGRATSSSSS.”

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Emma Kenny on This Morning

Emma Kenny regularly appears on This Morning


While This Morning host Josie Gibson weighed in: “Omg!!!! Awwwww Emma I’ made up for you.”

Elsewhere, Natasha Hamilton typed: “Wow what wonderful news! Huge congratulations xxx.”

And Celebs Go Dating’s Anna Williamson added to the well wishes by saying: “Enormous congratulations.”

Kenny is already the mother to two teenage boys, Tyde, 16, and Evan, 14, with her ex-husband.

She welcomes Etta-Blue with her now-husband Pete Skywalker.

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