The hot beauties of the series ‘The Transporter’

An important factor in the success of The Transporter is the presence of beautiful ghosts next to the main male character – transporter Frank Martin.

he Transporter: Refueled initially convinced the audience to go to theaters with a trailer full of epic scenes, genuine cars, and the character Frank Martin’s character still retains his ‘quality’ and ‘coolness’.
In particular, the beauties next to him have an irresistible beauty. Compared to the ‘girls’ who appeared in the previous 3 films, the beauty of Transporter 4 is no less ‘hot’.

Loan Chabanol on The Transporter Refueled's Action & Characters

Loan Chabanol has French nationality. She plays the female lead, a charming and cunning villain named Anna

The Transporter Refueled (2015)

She shared about her character: “My role as Anna is a woman with a mysterious and deadly charm. She is the type of person who is smart, interesting and always hides many secrets behind that you need to discover.”

Loan Chabanol

The 33-year-old actress was born and raised in France. Loan Chabanol’s beauty is a mixture of four Vietnamese and French bloodlines inherited from her father and her mother’s German and Italian bloodlines.

Thêm một đóa hồng gốc Việt đóng phim hành động "Transporter 4"

Loan Chabanol started her modeling career at the age of 16, until now, Loan has appeared on many famous fashion magazine covers such as Elle, Marie Claire, Jalouse, Glamour.

Tatiana Pajkovic - IMDb

Tatiana Pajkovic plays Maria. The actress was born in Denmark. Her family invested in her to study art since she was 5 years old with the desire to become a pianist

Tatiana Pajkovic on X: "Sunset in the Maldives with @worldswimsuit  @peraquumniyama wearing @gncsouthafrica bikini #tb last year." / X

At age 21, she moved from Copenhagen to New York to pursue a career in music. Her career brought her to modeling contracts here. After that, Tatiana Pajkovic tried her hand at being an actress – a profession that brings together her interests and develops her acting talent. The Transporter is her debut film

Chiến thắng của người đẹp Trung Quốc gây tranh cãi

Miss World 2012 Vu Van Ha plays Qiao

Chuyện chưa biết về tân Hoa hậu Thế giới 2012

Even though she’s just a supporting actress, the representative of Chinese beauty born in 1989 is still attractive with her chubby face and big, captivating eyes.

Gabriella Wright - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Gabriella Wright plays Gina. According to her profile on IMDb, Gabriella Wright was trained by leading theater, dance, and music teachers in Paris, London, and New York including Susan Batson, Nicolas Hawtrey, and Jack Garfei. She is considered a talented new actress in the film world

Thư Kỳ và những cảnh phim từ trần trụi đến nghệ thuật

Before that, Thu Ky appeared in the first episode of The Transporter in 2002. She played Lai – a victim of human trafficking from China to France. Jason Statham and Thu Ky work well together even in love scenes

Dàn mỹ nhân tham gia loạt phim 'Người vận chuyển' - VnExpress Giải trí

Thư Kỳ và công cuộc

Before joining The Transporter, Thu Ky was a famous actor and won many awards in China

Amber Valletta: American Model and Actress - Fashion Republic Magazine

Amber Valletta plays Audrey Billings – a mother whose child is kidnapped and enlists Frank Martin’s help – in Transporter 2, released in 2005

Transporter 2 (2005)

Amber Valletta’s full name is Amber Evangeline Valletta. She is a successful actress, model and producer in America

Kate Nauta - IMDb

Kate Nauta plays Lola – the villain also in part 2 of the series. Despite achieving the impressive image of a cold assassin, Kate Nauta still did not achieve the success in her acting career as expected

19 Astonishing Facts About Kate Nauta -

The actress, model, singer born in 1982 also appeared in The Game Plan (2007), Avalanche Sharks (2013)… She is currently married and satisfied with family life with her newlywed husband.

Natalya Rudakova | Broadway Realty | Transporter 3

Natalya Rudakova was born in 1985, playing Valentina – the ‘goods’ to be transported – in Transporter 3 (2008). At the age of 17, she and her family immigrated from Russia to New York (USA).

Natalya Rudakova | Redheads, Stunning redhead, Celebrities

Transporter 3 screenwriter Luc Besson discovered this beauty while she was walking across the street. At that time, Natalya Rudakova was a hairdresser at a salon. After Transporter, Natalya was noticed by a number of fashion brands and invited to be a photo model

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