The incredible strength it takes to give birth is illustrated in these 23 fascinating photos‎

Holding your partner’s hand seems like such a simple thing until you are laboring and trying to birth a baby. That handhold is your connection to each other and the transfer of love and strength.

Normal birth or cesarean section is the top concern of many pregnant mothers approaching their due date. Obstetric experts recommend that the choice of vaginal birth or cesarean section should be the decision of the obstetrician based on consideration of the specific pregnancy situation, considering the wishes of the pregnant mother and her family to make a decision. the most suitable plan.

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It can be seen that nowadays cesarean section tends to be abused because many pregnant mothers are afraid of pain during natural birth. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the cesarean section rate should be less than 20%. However, in many obstetric units in Vietnam, this rate is still quite high at 40-50%, even up to 70-80%. (first)

The incredible transformative process of mothers.

Photo credits: Brittney Dahl

Normal birth (also known as vaginal birth or natural birth) is a form of giving birth through the mother’s birth canal without the support of birth aids. A normal birth is counted from the moment the pregnant mother has signs of labor such as abdominal pain, bleeding, rupture of membranes, opening of the cervix… until the baby is brought out.

You can just feel her drawing strength from her husband at this moment.

Photo credits: Nataliamarie Photography

Normal birth or cesarean section should only be prescribed by the obstetrician based on the consideration of the specific pregnancy situation, and should not be based on the subjective wishes of the pregnant mother and her family such as fear of pain, choosing an auspicious day. Well, choose the age of the child that matches the age of the parents…

This a reminder that your uterus is mostly muscle. Fueling your body during labor is the same as fueling your body during exercise.

Photo credits: Alejandra Prusaitis

Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see. It is just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly, you got this, keep going.

Photo credits: Dallas Fort Worth Birth Photographer.

Pregnant mothers have to endure labor pain and lose a lot of strength during childbirth, accompanied by blood loss during and after birth.

In some cases, there is a risk of episiotomy.

The vaginal birth process can cause some effects on the pelvic area, causing the mother to experience postpartum pelvic diseases such as urinary retention and incontinence.

That contraction! So much power from that largest, strongest muscle we call the uterus.

Photo credits: Sprout & Blossom Birth

The contraction pressure of the uterus and vaginal canal during normal birth helps expel the baby’s pharyngeal and nasal secretions better, the baby does not suffer from respiratory diseases, the lungs function better, reducing risk of postpartum pneumonia;

The baby is exposed to the beneficial microflora available in the mother’s vagina, helping the baby have better resistance;

Babies born naturally are breastfed earlier, taking advantage of beneficial colostrum sources, and breast milk is not affected by anesthetics or anesthetics;

The baby has skin-to-skin contact with the mother earlier, helping the baby’s physical and emotional development, increasing the mother-child bond.

Still in awe of this momma and the way she brought her baby into the world.

Photo credits: PNW Family & Birth Photographer

Mặc dù hình thức sinh thường mang đến nhiều lợi ích và được bác sĩ Sản khoa ưu tiên chỉ định, tuy nhiên không phải tất cả các trường hợp mang thai đều có thể sinh thường. Trong những tình huống sinh ngả âm đạo không thuận lợi, gặp nhiều khó khăn, bác sĩ Sản khoa buộc chỉ định sinh mổ lấy thai nhằm đảm bảo sức khỏe và tính mạng cả mẹ và bé.

In a moment like this life is perfectly complete.

Photo credits: Nataliamarie Photography

Pain during labor will be different for each pregnant mother depending on her physiological and psychological condition. Normally, the pain will gradually increase during labor and reach its maximum level when the fetus moves into the mother’s pelvis. At this time, about 70% of pregnant mothers feel severe pain.

They don’t call it labor for anything Moms put in that work, showing their labor of love to meet their tiny humans.

Photo credits: Tiny Humans Birth Doula.

With the drug administration method, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Center works closely with the Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation to use drugs by injection through the epidural space. The anesthesiologist will inject a moderate amount of anesthetic into the abdomen. The pregnant mother can still feel the uterine contractions, but the pain will be reduced or no pain. This is the choice of more than 50% of pregnant mothers worldwide to help give birth gently and comfortably.

Look at the bump during a contraction. You can see how the uterus goes hard.

Photo credits: Thebumptobabychapter

Try to relax by not focusing on the pain, you can talk to family members (for family birth services) or whisper to your baby, thinking about the moment your baby is born.

Breathing: Practice deep breathing – slow breathing, you can inhale through the nose – breathe through the mouth or inhale – breathe through the mouth.

The birth space. Support, strength, presence.

Photo credits: Chelsea Hansen.

Whether giving birth naturally or by cesarean section, the ultimate goal is to ensure a safe birth and a healthy mother and baby. Obstetrics and Gynecology Center of Tam Anh General Hospital System brings together a team of skilled, experienced obstetricians and gynecologists, equipped with modern machinery systems to help monitor pregnancy closely and with indications. appropriate form of birth for each specific pregnancy situation.

Raise your hand if just by seeing this picture you can feel it!

Photo credits: Danica Donnelly

Watching the look of determination come across her face as she pushed her baby into the world was priceless. She knew what needed to be done and she did it without question.

Photo credits: Terra Blanchard

Some women give birth to children…but we all give birth to ideas, creativity, community, businesses, schools, and more. The possibilities are endless and I love that about us. What are you birthing these days?⁠

Photo credits: Kelly Darin Made

Mothers are molded in the fires and experiences of childbirth. When we respect birth as a transformative experience we will learn to no longer fear it.

Photo credits: TTTTTTTTT

Normal birth and exclusive breastfeeding are always recommended by WHO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health because of the health benefits it brings to both mother and baby.

The power in her face says it all!

Photo credits: Samantha Renee Birth Photography.

Most cases of vaginal birth require an episiotomy, but not all. Normally, during labor, if there are no obstetric complications or no special indications, obstetricians and midwives in charge of the case will support mothers to give birth. Usually passes through the vagina smoothly by pushing naturally and rhythmically coordinating breathing and uterine contractions.

That wave is a strong one. Another powerful wave closer to meeting baby.

Photo credits: Brodie Lea.

Giving birth normally is not an easy thing for mothers and not everyone can give birth vaginally smoothly. Some tips to have an easy natural birth and minimize the need for an episiotomy.

All that you were waiting for….. Such a wondered capture!

Photo credits: Ramsey Baker

Sometimes laboring makes you feel like you are losing the battle, but you always end up winning the war.

Photo credits: Samantha Renee Birth Photography

“Labor of Love. It’s a process. The pain is progressing. This pain has a purpose. I am pushing for a purpose. My body is capable of doing hard things. Mindset is my powerhouse. Rest in between and right back at it. Labor. It is work and intended to be so. I am mom strong. God created me to do this.”

Photo credits: Brie & Blondie

In these moments her body was opening, stretching, and making way to bring new life into this world. The body is truly remarkable when left unhindered. She worked so incredibly hard to meet her baby, as you can see in this image.

Photo credits: Gentle Waves Birth Services

Pelvic massage, also known as perineal massage, increases the elasticity of the perineum. You should massage regularly every day 6-8 weeks before giving birth. Gentle massage, can be massaged with bare hands or combined with coconut oil or olive oil.

When she overcomes her fear with her strength, when her beauty is allowed to flourish undisturbed – mama’s body and baby display the miraculous!

Photo credits: Hannah Norton.

During labor, pain will cause the mother to lose a lot of strength and often feel thirsty for water. The mother can sip a little water to feel more comfortable.

A shared first cry.

Photo credits: Light of Mine Photography by Heather Yerden

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