The Rock shares the parenting secrets he has accumulated over the years, and how to be a great friend and share everything in life with your children

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of Hollywood’s most successful stars, but being one of the world’s premier dads might be an even bigger accomplishment.

While his “Fast and the Furious” co-star Vin Diesel is known for saying “There’s always room for family” on the big screen, The Rock has built up a family man reputation of his own over the years.

The “Moana” superstar is a father to three daughters: Simone Alexandra Johnson, 20, Jazmine Johnson, 6, and Tiana Gia Johnson, 4.

Like any good parent, he’s doing everything he can to help his kids achieve their full potential, and he does so by following some strict rules he sets for himself.

Here are 8 strict rules Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson follows when raising his kids.

1. Dwayne has his daughter’s life goals planned out.

Dwayne is known for putting in the work, putting in the hours, and taking what’s ours, and that philosophy is something he hopes to impart to his kids as well.

In April 2017, The Rock shared a picture on Instagram of him and Jazmine, then 2, with a caption that laid out his lofty goals for teaching his daughter throughout her childhood.

2. The Rock never stops showing his kids he loves them.

Being a celebrity as big as The Rock means he has a lot of commitment to the roles he plays.

While his stardom may at times separate him from his kids, being a dad is by far the job he takes the most pride in.

Shortly after the birth of Tiana in April 2018, Dwayne celebrated her arrival on Instagram with a caption confirming that his commitment to family comes before everything else.

3. He encourages them to follow their own paths, wherever they lead.

It seems easy for the children of celebrities to try and continue the legacy their parents have already laid out before them — they have a start to work with.

Dwayne, however, is actively encouraging his daughters to blaze their own trails.

Needless to say, The Rock was ecstatic to hear about her endeavors.

4. The Rock leads with love.

Johnson may be a big guy, but he has an even bigger heart.

After growing up an only child and struggling to form relationships, Johnson has vowed to treat his own kids with as much love as he can and tries to impart the same lesson to them.

5. Dwayne tries to cherish every moment.

For parents, watching their kids grow up can be a bittersweet experience. Obviously, it’s great to see kids grow through the years, but part of every parent wants to see them stay small and cute forever.

Johnson knows that someday his two youngest daughters won’t be as small as they are now, so he’s made it a priority to soak in every second with them while they are still little.

6. He takes pride in their womanhood.

One may assume that The Rock, being the masculine icon that he is, would have preferred a son who he could share those father-son experiences with.

Dwayne, however, actually prefers to be the only man in the house.

7. Trust is everything when it comes to his relationship with his kids.

The key to any relationship is a strong sense of trust, and that between a parent and child is no exception.

The Rock has instilled great trust in his daughters since they were born, and they have reciprocated that trust as they’ve grown.

8. The Rock puts the lessons he learned from past mistakes to use.

Johnson may be one of the biggest stars in the world today, but he’s made his share of mistakes just like everyone else.

However, just like most successful stars, The Rock has learned from his mistakes and emerged as a better person for it.

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