The sick calf was found lying on the ground alone until a dog came to help‎ and they became lifelong friends.

When Lewis, the baby cow who had lost his mother arrived at The Gentle Barn he was severely ill and battling for his life. Sky, the therapy dog played a role, in aiding Lewis speedy recovery.

In the year 2020 Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, the founders of The Gentle Barn decided to adopt a calf who had sadly become an orphan. They rescued him from a slaughterhouse where his mother unfortunately didn’t make it.

At one week old they named him John Lewis Thunderheart due to his spirit.

Upon arrival at The Gentle Barn Lewis was in a frail state of health.

“He was suffering from pneumonia. His breathing was raspy and loud. He had a cough and a high temperature ” shared Ellie.

Because of the circumstances he was born into Lewis hadn’t received colostrum to develop a robust immune system. Therefore when he contracted pneumonia he fought bravely for survival.

Recognizing that living in the barn wouldn’t be viable for him, under these circumstances they brought him into their air conditioned home. This ensured that Lewis would have an cool environment while allowing them to provide round the clock care.

There was another animal living in the house who turned out to be a blessing, for Lewis.

The Gentle Barn took in Sky from his owner, who couldn’t handle his energy levels. Even though they weren’t originally planning to adopt him they soon discovered that Sky had a talent for being a therapy dog. He has the ability to make people laugh he can touch the hearts of those struggling with anger issues. He has an effect on nervous individuals.

That’s why Sky became the companion for Lewis during his healing process.

“Sky protected him comforted him and would lie down beside him curling up next to him ” Ellie explained. “We showered him with love and comfort until he slowly started to heal.”

When Lewis regained strength to venture outside it was clear that he had formed a bond with Sky. They would run around the yard together and playfully wrestle. Despite Sky behaving like a puppy and Lewis being a bit clumsy like a cow somehow they managed to make it work and understand each other ” Ellie shared.

Whenever Ellie took Lewis out for walks around the farm or introduced him to cows Sky was always there, by their side helping Lewis adapt to his new life on the farm.

When Lewis was brought in he weighed 50lbs at one week old.

Now after two years he has grown to weigh, over a thousand pounds. He has become much bigger than Sky.

Their interactions have changed as they recognize the weight difference between them. However it doesn’t stop them from expressing their affection for each other.

Lewis will lie down on the ground while Sky showers him with attention. He licks Lewis. Lies down beside him.

“Observing Lewis and Sky together fills us with gratitude. What I love the most is that regardless of their age or size their love for each endures ” Ellie said about their bond. “To us they may be a dog and a cow. To John Lewis and Sky they are simply friends, family and love.”

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