Top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors in the world in 2023. Leonardo DiCaprio No.7, Tom Cruise No.3, Jason Statham No.? Guess Who Conquers The Throne?

Top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors in the world in 2023. Leonardo DiCaprio No.7, Tom Cruise No.3, Jason Statham No.? Guess Who Conquers The Throne?

We left behind 2023 three months back, and as we look back at it, we see that it was an eventful cinema. The world of cinema witnessed the Barbenheimer phenomenon, and we still see its aftershock as Oppenheimer grabs all the top honors in Award ceremonies. Barbie, too, has received multiple nominations and a few awards as well. Successful movies increase the value of actors. According to the latest data, 2023 has seen a surprise as the highest-paid actor.

The Oscars will see actors and actresses from some of the best talent in the industry as this year’s ceremony will celebrate the best of on-screen talent and features from the year 2023.

The top ten highest paid actors last year saw upwards of $24 million as a salary from acting, producing or directing films, yet only one name in the top ten list has an Oscar nomination in the 96th Academy Awards

We’ve lined up who earned the most and for what below…

10. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

Actor Denzel Washington might be at the bottom of the top ten but his earnings in 2023 are nothing to be sniffed at, with the 69-year-old appearing in “The Equalizer 3”. Whilst Washington’s paycheck wasn’t disclosed, the film itself grossed $191 million according to Box Office Mojo and his earnings for last year are expected to be a tidy sum at $24 million.

9. Ben Affleck

Good Will Hunting and Daredevil actor Ben had a triple whammy last year as he acted, produced and directed ‘Air’, which raked in more than $90 million globally. The actor also starred in ‘Hypnotic’, and his take-home wages are thought to be $38 million.

8. Jason Statham

Action star Jason Statham is thought to have pocketed $41 million, making him joint seventh on the top ten list, coming from three releases last year with ‘Expendibles’, ‘Meg 2: The Trench’ and ‘Fast X’. This year he’s already starred in another action-packed film with the 2024 release ‘The Beekeeper’.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Sitting at the seventh spot is previous Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, who starred in 2023’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, which has received 10 nominations at this year’s Oscars. However DiCaprio did not receive a nod for his role as Ernest Burkhart. Leonardo DiCaprio earned $41 million in 2023

6. Jennifer Aniston

Creeping into sixth position is the FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston, who earned $42 million last year. Whilst the actress stars in Apple TV’s ‘The Morning Show’ which is now in its third season, she also starred alongside actor Adam Sandler in Netflix movie ‘Murder Mystery 2’. Jennifer Aniston is thought to have earned $42 million last year

4. Matt Damon

Tying for fourth position Matt Damon, who stars in ‘Oppenheimer’ as Leslie Grove pocketed $43 million. The actor is thought to have been paid a hefty sum, with the Christopher Nolan film raking in more than $957 million worldwide and earning a whopping 13 nominations at the Oscars.

Damon also worked with best pal Ben Affleck last year as a producer and actor in ‘Air’, the biopic about the origin of Air Jordan, a basketball shoe for sports brand Nike.

4. Ryan Gosling

In the list, the only Oscars nominee is Ryan Gosling and he’s also the fourth highest grossing actor tied with Matt Damon. Gosling is currently up for Best Supporting Actor for his role in ‘Barbie’ opposite Margot Robbie. The film earned more than $1.4 billion worldwide, making it the highest grossing film of the year and cementing Gosling as the iconic ‘Ken’.

Gosling’s role as the Barbie love interest and partner was so widely praised that he’s expected to perform ‘I’m Just Ken’ alongside Mark Ronson at this year’s 96th Academy Awards with 65 backing dancers. Robbie’s Barbie co-star, Ryan Gosling, was joint fourth, alongside Oppenheimer’s Matt Damon; both men earned $43m

3. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise returned last year to his Mission Impossible franchise with the long awaited film ‘Dead Reckoning Part One’, which took home more than $567 million worldwide and the actor is thought to have $45 million.

2. Margot Robbie

Sitting in second position, Margot Robbie earned a cool $59 million last year, which is largely due to her lead role and producer in ‘Barbie’. Despite being ‘snubbed’ at this year’s Oscars and not receiving a nomination for her role as the iconic doll, the film has still been a resounding success as it grossed $1.4 billion worldwide including more than $636 in its first weekend in the US.

1. Adam Sandler

Taking the top position on the leaderboard, comic actor Adam Sandler earned $73 million last year, thanks largely to owning his own production company, Happy Madison Productions, which produces many of his movies. Alongside Jennifer Aniston in Netflux’s ‘Murder Mystery 2’, Sandler is also a stand up comedian and is thought to earn $400,000 per show according to Forbes.

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