Why Do Russians Swamp Jason Statham’s Posts with Weird Comments, and Does He Know Why He Has So Many Fans in Russia?

Why Do Russians Swamp Jason Statham’s Posts with Weird Comments, and Does He Know Why He Has So Many Fans in Russia?

Why do Russians continue to swamp EVERY Jason Statham post with weird comments? - Russia Beyond

Hundreds of “quotes” by the Hollywood actor, that he never actually said, regularly appear under each of his social media posts. We’ve translated the funniest for you!

We continue to follow new posts by popular actor Jason Statham on Instagram (owned by Meta, a company recognized as an extremist organization in Russia). As soon as he posts a new photo, Russian commentators immediately rush in and “remember” some “quote” they attribute to Statham.

He has no Russian roots, but there are several social media groups dedicated to him in Russia, where he has become a real living meme. Russian fans respect him for his hard man image and striking roles in movies. Last time, we explained why he became so popular in Russia. Let’s see what new “quotes” Russians have come up with for him!

“Three words are two words”

“Better a polka-dot underwear than a polka-dot in underwear.”

“At school, I managed to skip breaks.”

“A weak man looks for excuses, while a real man has prepared them in advance.”

“One head is good, but two heads are good-good.”

“Three words are two words.”

“I wanted to write that billiards is Russian golf, but everyone knows that Russian Golf is Lada Kalina hatchback.”

“No matter how many quotes you read – they’re all mine.”

“A black streak is always followed by a white streak. If a bad dog bites you today, a good dog will bite you tomorrow.”

Russians really liked the actor’s jacket!

“Dad’s gift, mom’s robe.”

“You’re not you and when you’re not you, you’re not you.”

“Saw the sunset? I set it down.”

“Once I went to the gym, the gym machines got stronger.”

“Do the right thing. Don’t do the wrong thing.”

“If you’re tired of sitting without money, stand up.”

Hello, Russians!

There are also some interesting suggestions from Russians, as well:

“Shall we write a petition for the title of People’s Artist of Russia? Or People’s Artist of Culture?”

“I would like to remind you that Jason Statham is a great Russian poet, writer and author of VK blogs. It was he who taught our boys to never give up, who left a whole legacy of quotes for all occasions. We remember, we will not forget his contribution to culture.”

Meanwhile, instead of commenting on the actor’s photo, some have already just started welcoming Russians!

“Morning Russians. Hope you are all fine”, “Good morning russian friends”, “came to see if the russian comments were still there”

By the way, Russian Instagram users have now also discovered his wife Rosie’s social media accounts.

“Rosie, we’re with you because Jason is our friend.”

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