Wish for a family: Abandoned dog Titi, desperately seeking comfort from passersby for a loving home, touched witnesses. ‎


A lone dog, abandoned and vulnerable, hides on crowded streets with an atmosphere of loneliness. In its eyes, there was a plea for companionship, a desire to escape the chains of abandonment. The city becomes both a playground and a maze, with the hope of finding true connection and a loving home.

To express emotional vulnerability, the abandoned dog uses a unique and poignant tactic—it hugs the passerby’s legs, looking up with eyes that convey a desperate plea. Each hug becomes a silent request not to be left alone, a cry for someone to pay attention and reach out to help. The sidewalk turns into a stage for the dog’s sincere search for a chance at happiness.


As the abandoned dog wraps itself around the legs of strangers, a collective sense of empathy and compassion is stirred among those who witness this touching scene. Passersby, moved by the silent plea for love, often find themselves torn between the desire to help and the challenges of taking in a furry friend in need.

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